One of the key issues when exercising your dog

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-22

The first thing to remember when it comes to exercising your dog is not that they just want exercise but rather that all dogs need it! Whereas some breeds might be more active and physical than others, all dogs benefit from a regular exercise routine. No matter how young or old your dog might be, there are several different types of exercises that he can do to keep him healthy.

Exercise improves cardio vascular health, maintains weight and builds up bones and muscles to ensure a longer and healthier life. No exercise also makes a dog anxious, obese or even over excitable. If you want to keep him healthy, start exercising now. Exercise produces serotonin, which helps relax and calm your pet and can even reduce undesirable behaviors such as digging and excessive barking.

If your dog has been largely sedentary, start off slow, it can't be plunged into an intense regime. Check with your vet before starting off anything new and to rule out any lurking health issues that might be aggravated by a new routine.

Ease into an exercise program by starting off for only a few minutes a day. Gradually as you find your dogs (and your own) stamina improving, increase this duration over time. Keep in mind that different breeds of dog might need different types of exercise. Big dogs such as Hounds need long walks where they can run around freely. Smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas are more delicate and a small daily walk is enough for them. Overactive breeds such as Terriers need a lot of playtime and exercise to keep them happy.

The concept of safety and security arises when it comes to allowing your dog to give into his natural urges and roam freely while on a run. Here is where dog tracking collars make life much more simple. Dog tracking systems such as the SpotLight Pet Locator allow you to track and locate your dog around the clock. If you take your dog out on a walk or run, you can create certain Safe Spots or zones that you consider safe for him to be unsupervised in. If he wanders out of these areas you will be alerted via text or email and can thus track him down as soon as possible.

Walking is not the only way your dog can get exercise. Playing a game of catch in your backyard or park, hide and seek, fetch or even wrestling and fooling around with your dog can keep him perky and mentally stimulated. For the more adventurous, running and hiking are excellent alternatives to building stamina and endurance. But speak to your vet before taking your dog along for a hill walk or run as certain smaller breeds can get overheated and may get sick or even die if over-exercised so.

If you take your dog hiking and he happens to get lost, SpotLight has a powerful LED beacon that can be activated even remotely. This can help increase his visibility and prevent any terrible accidents as a result. The SpotLight is sturdy, lightweight and water- resistant and proves to be an excellent dog tracking collar when you are outdoors with your pet.

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