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by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-18

Tips on How to Use Wall Graphics in Photo Galleries

1. As wall papers. You can use wall graphics instead of paints for your gallery. It's a great way of expressing your creative juices. Online printing companies offer assistance for your designs and customize it for you. They can make a panel printing to accommodate the size of your wall.

2. As floors. You can also use wall graphics on floors in corners of your gallery to highlight a collection.

3. As a collage. Printing wall graphics can highlight your selected photos in a form of a collage. You can display it in a corner of your gallery with a spotlight. Visitors can easily see the accomplishments you have had through the photos your camera lens captured over time.

4. As murals. Wall graphics are great as murals. Highlighting special events like receiving an award from prestigious award-giving bodies for photography would be a great mural.

5. As glass window shade. If your gallery's frontage is made of glass, you can use wall graphics as sun shade. It will give bypassers the idea on what genre of photography you have. You can also choose to design your wall graphics with a welcome message or name of your gallery.

These are just some of the many ways you can design your gallery using wall graphics. Printing wall graphics digitally are affordable through reliable online printing companies. They are fade resistant, reusable and repositionable in any area of your gallery.

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