DGT lighting is a professional and experienced China led downlight manufacturer. We have about 30 years history for producing LED downlight, include, led recessed downlight, led ceiling downlight, LED surface mounted downlight, dimmable downlight, integrated led downlight, waterproof downlight and eyeball downlight,etc.


LED downlight, as known as LED recessed downlight, LED ceiling downlight,  is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction with as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight. Because of LED downlight is a great lighting product can create perfect lights indoor, LED downlight becomes one of the most popular LED lighting products. It is widely applied in many places, include hotels, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, commercial places and residential places,etc.


Also, DGT has many series of downlight. LED COB downlight and LED SMD downlight. The power range is from 5W up to 50W.  The sizes are 2.5 inch LED downlight, 3 inch LED downlight, 4 inch LED downlight, 5 inch LED downlight, 6 inch LED downlight and 7 inch LED downlight. The shapes include round downlight, sqaure downlight and trimless downlight, etc.

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DGT LIGHTING Aims to Be The Best LED Downlight Manufacturer in China

What Are The Best LED Downlights?

First, use good LED chips for a downlight because LED chips can guarantee good parameter of lights, which include CRI (color rendering index) and lighting efficiency, etc.

CRI is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. A downlight with a great chip is able to make lighting with CRI closed to 100.

High CRI

More, good LED chip usually will have high lighting efficiency, which mean under the same power consumption, the higher lighting efficiency downlight can create more lumens.  

Second, use qualified drivers to make sure downlight with long life-span and low flicker.

A qualified is able to guarantee a downlight life-span. DGT lighting company’s downlight warranty are 3 years (or 25,000 hours) or 5 years (or 35,000 hours).  The long working hours downlight can decrease the frequency of purchasing, also it saves your lots of time from replacing downlights.

Comparing with the following pictures you will know what is flicker of light. The high flicker of light can make eyes tired easily, worse, it will be harmful to eyes if you work under it for long time. So it is important to use low flicker drivers in order to protect your eyes. DGT LIGHTING drivers are lower flicker drivers, our company highly pays attention to comfort and health of customers eyes.  

Third is about the structure of downlight, which is relative to its UGR and heat dissipation.


UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. It is an objective measure of glare that is used by lighting designers to help control the risk that occupants of a building will experience glare from the artificial lighting. In another words, the higher UGR means more percentage of light direct to eyes, vice versa. A good designed downlight will have low UGR in order to make eyes comfortable.



Excellent heat dissipation function is to make sure LED downlight works safely. LED chip will create heat when it’s working. The temperature will increase over the chip limitation if the heat can not be dissipated. Good designed structure helps better dissipation, if not the downlight and LED chip probably will burn out.

The article summarize the aspects to contribute being the best LED downlight. My company DGT lighting is a experienced and professional China led downlight manufacturer, who provides the best downlights to customers. DGT LIGHTING has about 150 well trained employees, 20,000 square meter production area and ISO9001 quality system certification.

Are LED Downlights Any Good?

There are several advantages of LED downlight to compared with traditional downlight, such as halogen downlights.


First, with the LED development, the lighting efficiency keep increasing every year. Currently, A LED downlight has much lower consumption than any traditional downlight. A LED downlight can save up to 80% energy than a halogen downlight.



Second, LED downlights is well known as long working life-span downlights. A good LED downlight can guarantee up to 30000 hours, which is 6-10 times longer than halogen downlights( 3000-6000 hours).  

Third, LED downlights have more alternative CCT( Carralted Colour Temperature) than halogen downlights. The CCT range of halogen downlights is from 2700K-3000K, but CCT range of common LED downlights is from 2700K to 5000K, which means LED downlights can be applied more places.    




DGT LIGHTING as a China led downlight manufacturer, we have about 30 years experience for producing COB led downlight, SMD led downlight, led recessed downlight, led ceiling downlight, LED surface mounted downlight, dimmable downlight, integrated led downlight, waterproof downlight and eyeball downlight,etc.

Where Are LED Downlights Used?

LED downlight is one of the most applied LED lighting product nowadays. LED downlights are a great choose for almost every common indoor place.    

1.LED COB downlights

LED COB downlights are a great option for large space or space with high ceiling. LED COB downlights are able to have high power and concentrated beam angle, so it makes the whole place has enough illuminance. Those high ceiling places include hotels, supper markets, restaurants and meeting rooms, etc.

2. LED SMD downlights

LED SMD downlights are good to be used for space with lower ceiling. LED SMD downlights usually have higher lighting efficiency than COB downlights, but the SMD can not concentrate light as COB downlights. So, the SMD downlights have wide beam and higher lumen output, which is good for lower and large space like residential rooms.

3. LED waterproof downlights

LED waterproof downlights are special downlights for indoor lighting. Usually, IP20 (level of protection) is enough for common indoor use. However, there are some special area need to use waterproof downlight with higher IP rate. For example, in shower rooms, in order to protect LED downlight from steam, it is necessary to use IP44 LED downlights.

4.LED surface mounted downlights

LED surface mounted downlights is able to install on ceiling without a suspended ceiling. The surface mounted is more flexible way to install LED downlights. Also, the LED downlight can be hung by sticks or ropes, so it is easier to control the height between LED surface mounted downlights and floor.      

Do LED Downlights Get Hot?

YES, the temperature of LED downlight will increase when downlights are on. The LED chips turn electricity into most lights and a part of heat. In other words, LED chips can turn electricity into lights with high efficiency, but we still can not ignore the heat because if the heat can not be well dissipated, the LED downlight will burn out.


In order to keep a LED chips working within the specified temperature, we need a external heat sink to spread the heats from LED chips to outside of downlights. Once the speed of heat dissipation faster than heat creation, the Junction Temperature (TJ) of LED chip will be stable and safe. However, when the speed of heat dissipation slower than heat creation, the TJ of led chip will increase very high till to LED chip burn out.   

A good downlight will get hot when it’s working, but it will not be very hot. The temperature of the downlight need to be safe and lower than the LED chip limitation.So, it’s very important to measure temperature of LED downlights is OK or not.


In the testing laboratory of DGT LIGHTING, we measure every LED lighting products’ temperature by Temperature Testing System. We guarantee every LED chip TJ temperature is OK when they are working at 24 degrees Celsius ( 75.2 degree Fahrenheit). Every new product need to qualified by Temperature Testing System before officially launched. As a  prefessional LED downlight manufacturer, DGT LIGHTING has complete R&D and QC system to provide qualified LED lights to every customer.  

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