LED Spotlight is one of the most widely used indoor LED lights worldwide. Adjustable spotlight led light is able to focus light, and then deliver it where people want to. So, indoor spotlight led light can by applied in commercial places, includes shopping malls, hotels, stores and restaurants, etc. Also, more residential places use 5W or 10W LED spotlight at Kitchen and Living room, etc.  

DGT Lighting Co.,ltd is an experienced and professional led lights manufacturer in china, we have many our own designed spotlight led light, includes led recessed spotlight and led ceiling spotlight, LED surface mounted spotlight, etc. The power range of our product is from 5W to 50W. Further, the function of anti-glare and variety of beam-angle options make our product meet the requirement of almost every indoor LED lights project.

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Advantages of DGT Spotlight

DGT Lighting Co.,ltd has about 30 years experience for producing LED lights. We always focus on producing and improving LED lighting products because DGT Lighting believe that we can bring better lights to our customers. DGT LED spotlight is popular with our customers as our one of main products. We will introduce advantages of DGT spotlight led light following.  

1. Top COB Lighting Source

Air and light are very essential things but easy to be ignored by people. DGT Lighting always try to bring good light to people, so we pay attention to quality of the COB light source. 


Currently, our COB supply chain has CITIZEN, BRIDGELUX and LUMINUS, etc as our long term business relationship partners. We make COB lighting sources become into great light by coordinating them with qualified led indoor spotlight fixtures.

2.Low Chromaticity Tolerances

Chromaticity tolerances , it characterizes the difference between the X and Y values calculated by the photochromic electrical detection system software and the standard light source. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy.

Chromaticity tolerances

From the above picture we can know how chromaticity tolerances affect lights. Could you believe CCT of the two lights are almost the same? I think its hard to believe but it is true. The reason why the obviously different light has almost the same CCT is because of high chromaticity tolerances.

Chromaticity tolerances

When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as that of the black body (Planck curve) at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source.


The light emitted by the LED is not thermal radiation, then its light color may not fall on the black body radiation line, then we can only find the nearest point on this line, and there is its correlated color temperature. In fact, some light colors emitted from the black body radiation line at 3000K have already deviated, but 3000K can only be described on this line.

Chromaticity tolerances

In order to solve the issue, DGT control chromaticity tolerances of LED spotlight is lower than 3 SDCM by improving our lighting source and reflectors, so we can keep consistency of every light.  

3. Excellect CRI

The color index is the ability of light to restore the color of the object itself. Therefore, this indicator is particularly important for commercial lighting, because the high CRI can better show the people and objects in these environments, and you can clearly see the effects of the objects under different CRI lights from the pictures. 

High CRI

For the spotlight of DGT lighting, the highest CRI can reach CRI97 (the highest sunlight is CRI100), which shows that the light of DGT has achieved almost the same CRI as sunlight. At the same time, DGT light has excellent values for R9 and R15.

4. Anti-Glare Design for Low URG

UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. It is an objective measure of glare that is used by lighting designers to help control the risk that occupants of a building will experience glare from the artificial lighting. In another words, the higher UGR means more percentage of light direct to eyes, vice versa.


DGT LED spotlight’s anti-glare design protect peoples’ eyes from direct lights. Many of our new products’ UGR can be lower than 16, which means it’s very comfortable for your eyes. So, our product can meet UGR requirement for different applications.

UGR spotlight

5. Optional Beam Angles

A beam angle is a measurement of how light is emitted or distributed from a source. Generally, our led recessed spotlight have optional narrow/middle/wide beam angles. We will test every different beam angle light by a light distribution instrument, so we have reports for our customers. Meanwhile, our engineer team check the lights to make sure the it has good performance when it use different beam angles.  

Beam angle

5. Material and Surface Finish

Most of our spotlight led light are made of high-quality aluminum. High-quality aluminum is also relatively light and has very good heat dissipation performance. This kind of good heat dissipation can quickly export a large amount of heat, ensuring that the lamp can work within the normal temperature range, so as to ensure that the DGT SPOTLIGHT reaches the expected lifespan.


led ceiling spotlight

At the same time, DGT has introduced advanced automatic assembly lines and robotic arms to spray the products, and it uses high-quality plastic powder, which makes the surface treatment of our DGT LED spotlight very good. Even after long-term use, the surface of our products will not appear to fall off. The main colors of spray plastic are three kinds of black/silver/white for customers to choose.

6. OEM

DGT LIGHTING provides professional OEM services. Our DGT has many styles of spotlight led light for customers to choose. More, we can make LOGO on the product and packaging according to the customer’s requirements, and can help the customer to customize the parameter label, manual, inner box and outer box and so on. Furthermore, DGT LIGHTING will continue to invest in the research and development of new spotlight led light products every year, so our customers will have new products to choose from every year.

led lights from china

7. ODM

ODM is one of our company’s core businesses because our company has a professional technical team to help customers solve problems, from product structure design, LED chip and driver determination,  product surface treatment and product packaging customization. In this process, our company can provide customers with those professional services. Our service helped our customers to win international design awards, occupy the local market and achieve success.

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