LED spotlight is one of the most popular lighting products around the world. The spotlight LED can be applied most commercial and residential places, include hotels, stores, super market,  kitchen, living room, bathroom and bathroom, etc. Usually, the most common installation method is to recess LED spotlights on ceilings. Also, there are other ways to install, such as surface mounted and suspended.


DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD focuses on producing good quality spotlight LED lights for years. We are able to OEM and ODM for customers. Also, we have R&D teams for designing and testing new products for customers.  

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What is the best spotlight LED lights for home?

The best spotlights for home should have many virtues, includes safety, reliability and lights, etc.


First, safety of spotlight for home is very essential. A safe spotlight can protect people from electricity. There are two main ways for lights products working with drivers. First is external drivers. Second is internal drivers ( driver inside of lights). 

About the external driver, how to keep it safe is to use insulating material to surround it, so usually we know the driver housing is made from plastic. For the internal driver, it still need internal drivers to be surrounded by  insulating material. so, the safest way is to made spotlight LED housing from PC or keep the internal driver surrounded insulating material as well.  

More, the lighting products need to made from flameresistant material. Usually, LED spotlights are made from aluminum, which is can not be ignited. Also, there are spotlight and some parts are plastic, so it’s very important to use flame retardant plastic instead of normal plastic.

Second is about reliability. The reliability of spotlights are relative to their LED chip, driver and heat dissipation. Reliable LED chip and driver can guarantee the life span of lighting products. Also, a good structure of lighting is able to dissipate heat from lights, so it will protect LED chip and driver from high temperature.

Third is about lights. Comfortable and good light, which is relative to CRI and Anti-glare, etc. The color index is the ability of light to restore the color of the object itself. So, lights with high CRI index (sunlight has the highest CRI 100). lighting with CRI80 is common in market. However, there is growing number of products with CRI90 or higher in recent years. More, at home, lights need to be comfortable to people’s eyes. Anti-glare design in a spotlight can decrease most light direct to eyes.

What Are The Best Type of Spotlights?

Choosing LED spotlight is up to a personal opinion. However, there are some important tips for you can choose a better spotlight.


First, you had better to chose right CCT (Carralted Colour Temperature) for your scenario.


There are four of the most common CCT of COB spotlight in market: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. Lower CCT index has warmer light. Warmer light will create a cozy atmosphere, which make people peaceful.

2700K is good to use in bedroom, which is helpful to clam and sleep. Also, many luxurious hotels and restaurants like to use 2700K to create a special atmosphere.

3000K is the most common, which is appropriate for commercial and residential places.

4000K is known as day light which means 4000K close to CCT of day light in morning. 4000K is good to be used in offices, restaurants, study rooms, shopping malls and markets, etc.

5000K is the coolest light among the 4 lights. 5000K is a great light to be applied in working places, include class rooms, laboratories and kitchens, because the cool light make people more focus.

Second, you have better to choose high High CRI (Color rendering index) because the color index is the ability of light to restore the color of the object itself. The natural light with CRI100 (the highest CRI is 100) is the sun light. Spotlight LED lights are with CRI80 are common in market. However, more spotlights with CRI90 or higher are launched.

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