LED surface mounted spotlight is one of the most popular lighting products around the world. The surface mounted spotlight LED is able to be applied place without a ceiling.  Usually, they are installation by screw fixation.

DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD focuses on producing good quality LED surface mounted spotlight LED lights for years. We are able to OEM and ODM for customers. Also, we have R&D teams for designing and testing new products for customers.  

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DGT LIGHTING Aims to Be The Best LED Surface Mounted Lights Manufacturer in China

reasons why you need a surface mounted spotlight

Many people slowly realize the benefits of installing surface-mounted lights in their homes and offices. The LEDs have multiple advantages over the competitors. At first, they can be quite expensive to buy. But they can last longer and save you some money as well.

When it comes to lights; DGT LED is one name you can trust. With decades of experience under the belt, the company strives to provide only the best products. But before getting too far, let’s know about DGT LED and why their lights are the best.

They understand their Surface mounted lights

DGT LED has a wide variant of lights. Their products include LED track lights, downlights, spotlights, fittings, and other equipment. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, their products comply with various regulations.

Among the multiple certifications that DGT LED has are the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SAA, and TUV certifications. These certifications show the product’s quality and safety. With an airtight standard operating procedure, the company’s commitment starts with sourcing raw materials.

Their assembly line also includes thorough quality control and a team of professional engineers. They are responsible to ensure that all lights go through the same process.

DGT LED also works with companies that are either lighting designers or manufacturers and even importers. Therefore, they provide OEM and ODM services. You only need to contact their sales department for a quotation and samples. And since their certifications are valid globally, they ship their lights worldwide.

Places to have surface mounted lights

Most common places are in a large areas such as office spaces or a hall. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t install it at your home. Recent house designs include mounted lights to give the rooms a cleaner and fresher look.

It’s even easier to get your hands on DGT LED products. Because they also provide OEM and ODM services for importers and other companies. They may not carry the brand, but you can rest assured that you have the best quality products.

With DGT LED, you will get a thorough service from when you place your order until installation. They provide a sales-after service that will give you reasons to return for their other products.

What you need to install surface mounted lights

To make things easier, you can call an electrician and have him do the job. Of course, you also can install the lights yourselves. Some of the lights are easy to install and replace.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the amount of surface. Being LED means you can control to have the light concentrated or disbursed. Then you can decide how much lumen the light has and the installation distance to the surface. While this may sound trivial, this knowledge can affect your overall comfort and maintenance effort at a later date.

Installing a light can be complicated at times. But with the willingness to learn, you can do everything.

Why you need surface-mounted led lights

The most obvious reason is that LED lights are energy-efficient compared to the previous technology. Installing LED lights at home can save you money on electricity bills. The amount can be significant if you have a wide area to cover.

Even if you’re not an interior or lighting designer, you still understand how important the right light is. Having a light too close to your bed or study can cause headaches and other issues instead of helping you. Thankfully to this surface-mounted, you can have recessed lights for your room’s ceiling.

Easy installation

It takes no more than five steps to install a surface-mounted light. You only need a plier, a screwdriver, and enough drive nuts to put the lights in place. Of course, you need to remember to turn off the power before installing any light fixture.

The first step is by replacing the old fixture with the LED surface plate. Secondly, you need to connect the light wires to the electrical ones. Don’t forget to cover the splice wires with a wire nut. Then you can install the light into the fixture.

Many things are easy to install but not to maintain. Thankfully, that’s not the case with LED lights. Most of them have twice the lifetime of a traditional bulb.  And it means you can save on maintenance and replacement fund.

Various places to install

As the name implies, surface-mounted lights mean you can install them on many surfaces. You can install the lights on the ceiling or the walls.

Recent design trend includes mounted lights in various places and figures. Sometimes they also include having a unique cover to disburse the light. At any rate, you can be creative with the installation and put the fixture in unique positions.

As you know, DGT LED also provides the instruments for other companies. So you still can find their products under different brands. You only need to choose the style and how powerful the light is to suit your needs.

A uniformed light

One thing that people forget is how coherent surface-mounted lights are. Most designs that use surface-mounted lights are industrial and modern. But it doesn’t mean that other styles can’t use it as well.

Surface-mounted lights also will give a more uniform illumination. You don’t have to worry about areas not receiving enough lights and vice versa. You can tell right away when a light panel needs replacing.

You can choose between having a solid and powerful light emphasizing an area. Or to have several smaller lights to disburse the illumination.

Easier Maintenance

One of the best reasons to have LED lights is that it’s easy to maintain. The installation helps you to fix any issue without having to dismantle the whole thing. You can isolate the problematic light to replace them.

Anyhow, you don’t have to worry about products from DGT LED. They give you products that will last you a long time. And even when there are issues, you can rely on their after-sales services. Whether you’re an importer or other light company, they will give you their best to help.

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