LED track light is one of LED lights, which isattached to a track with electrical conductors installed along the length of the track. The connect part of track lights and track rails is track adapters (track heads). They can then be installed anywhere along the track. More, track rails are able to installed on ceilings without suspended ceilings. Track adapters have three main types: 2 wires single phase, 3 wires 2 phase, 4 wires 3 phase. Each of them can be installed in corresponding track rails.

Currently, LED track lighting is one of the most popular LED lighting, which is widely used in commercial and residential places, include clothing and shoes shops, super markets, ball rooms and living room, etc. LED track lights not only are flexible to install, but also can create very excellent light by optical designs.

DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD is a experienced led track light manufacturer, who has more than 30 years experience for producing led track lighting. We can provide a variety of led track lighting. The power range of DGT LED track light covers: 10W/20W/30W/40W/50W. Also, the narrow/middle/wide beam angles of each track lighting for optional. More, we have LED track lights with triac dimmable, 0-10V dimmable and DALI dimmable function, etc.

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What Are Track Lights Good For?

There are many advantages of LED tracklight supports it to be one of the most popular lighting products nowadays. 

First, the installation of track lighting are much more flexible than other lighting products. LED track lights need to be installed on corresponding track rails, however, LED track rails are easy to be installed even on ceilings without a suspended ceiling. Once a track rail is installed, LED track lights can be installed along the length of the track. More, if you need to adjust the position of LED track lights, you just need to unlock the lights, then you move the them to right position on a track rail.  

Second, LED track spotlight is 85° vertically adjustable, 355°horizontally rotational, so it is possible to adjust its light direction to places you want to. More, the beam angle of LED track lights can be narrow/middle/wide, so they have many applications. The narrow light can emphasize the important goods, and the wide light can bright whole space.


Third, LED track lights are convenient for replacement. Generally, there are only a few of  steps to replace a LED track light: 1. unlock a track light. 2. pull it out of the track rail. 3. install a new LED track light on the track. 4. lock the new track light. Meanwhile, the replacement does not require re-connect wires as other lighting products.

Are All Track Lighting Tracks The Same?

There are three main types of track light tracks and track lighting adapters currently. The three track lighting tracks are: single phase track rail, 2 phase track rail and 3 phase track rail. Each track rail only can work with corresponding track adapter.


Customers need to consider to choose right type of track lighting track according to their situations. For example, 3 phase 4 wire track rail is able to have 3 circuits, which mean on one track rail, LED track lights can be controlled by 3 switches, however, the price of 3 phase 4 wires track rail and adapter are higher than others. More, if you use single phase and 2 phase track lighting tracks rail, they both have only 1 circuit, which means all of track lights on same track rail will be on or off at the same time.

Furthermore, different brands of track adapters and track lighting rails might have different sizes.  So you need to be carefully when you buy LED led tracklights and you had better to be clear about brand of track adapter, in order to buy the same brand of track lighting rails to match the lights. Also, we recommend you to buy famous brand of track adapters and track lighting rail, in case of they are not compatible for each others.

As a professional LED track light manufacturer, DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD has a variety of LED track lights with all kinds of track adapters. My company LED track lights are sold to customers from 30 countries. Hope our OEM/ODM service will satisfy you well.

Is Track Lighting Out of Style?

No. Nowadays, LED track lighting products are applied by growing number of customers because they are their own advantages which cannot be replaced by other lighting products.

About LED track lights function, the most advantage of LED track lights is flexible to install and adjust, so this is the reason why most shopping stores and super markets prefer LED track lights. The goods in the stores and super market need to be re-set according to different situations, it is necessary to adjust light direction. Using LED track lights, it is much easier for installing more track lights because if you want to more track lights, you don’t need to open holes on ceilings like LED downlights, but only install the LED track lighting on track light rails.

Second, about the appearance, LED track lights have many style for you choose. They have different style, sizes, powers and colors, etc. Currently, a growing people plan to use LED track lights in commercial and residential places.

As one of the top LED track light manufacturer, DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD is able to provide LED track lights to meet customers needs. 

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