MR16 fitting, also known as MR16 trim,,MR16 Fitting, MR16 Fixture and MR16 Lamp Fitting, which is widely used around the world. MR16 fitting is common name for fittings and bases for MR16 lamp installation. Every MR16 lamp installation needs a MR16 fitting. MR16 fittings can be made in many sizes, such as CutoutΦ65/Φ75/Φ90mm. Also, they can have many optional types, include fixed fitting, adjustable fitting and anti-glare fitting, etc. More, they can be made from iron, aluminum and Zinc, etc.  Their surfaces can be powder coating, chrome and brushed nickel, etc.

DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD is a China OEM lighting manufacturer, who has about 30 years history for producing MR16 fittings. Our products are sold to customers from more than 30 countries. Our company is glad customers are satisfied with our products and service.

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What is MR16 fitting?

MR16 fitting, also is named MR16 lamp fitting, MR16 trim and MR16 fixture, etc. An MR16 fitting is a fixture or base for MR16 lamps include LED MR16 lamps and halogen MR16 lamps MR16 lamps cannot be installed on ceiling without MR16 fittings, so we need use right fitting to fit lamps.  

What does MR16 mean in lighting?

MR16 is a name of lamps with 16 eighths of an inch or 2 inches (5 centimeters= 5CM= 50mm ) in diameter at its largest circumference, so they are named MR16.

Are MR16 and GU10 the same?

MR16 and GU10 stands for differnet apects of lamps. MR16 stands for demension of lamps.  A lamp named MR16 means the lamp’s with 2 inches (50mm) in diameter.  Every MR16 lamps is with the same diameter.  

GU10 stands for the base of lamps. Usually, at the market, we can buy MR16 lamps with GU5.3 base and GU10 base. How to choose different bases is depend on the socket types. If you have GU10 socket now, when you plan to buy MR16 lamps, you need to buy MR16 lamps with GU10 base.   

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