DGT lighting is a professional and experienced China lighting manufacturer. We have about 30 years history for producing LED lighting products, include led track light and track light rail. 

Our lamps power range is from 5W to 17W. Also, there are different beam angles for options. The variety of lamp products are able to meet different requirements from customers.  

We can supply many types of track light rail such as single phase rail, 2 phase rail and 3 phase rail,etc. 

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Are all track lighting rails the same?

Based on the brief discussion earlier, you understand that there are many types of track lighting. Different types allow buyers to use them for different purposes. Buyers can attach right to the ceiling. Installation of track light can also be done on the wall. The types of tracks that are available in abundance throughout the world are J, H, and L. The initials of the naming come from the name of the factory that produces track lighting products.

The initials of the track light rail in the form of an H are from Halo. Track light named J is a product made by Juno. While the track with the initials L is a Lightolier product. Track H has three contacts characteristics. The L track type has 7/8 inch apart and 2 wire. Then track J has a distinctive shape of 1 inch apart and 2 wire.

Are track lighting heads interchangeable?

Consumers need to buy track lighting brands that are well known internationally. Part manufacturers usually use standard sizes on international products. You need to consult an expert if you want to pair with different lights in one track.

In addition, some brands also offer interchangeable features. It’s just that not all brands issue such products. Consumers must be observant when reading the track lighting product description section. Most products can apply interchangeable heads as long as they are from the same brand. Often the same type of track is also interchangeable, such as track lighting heads type J from brand A can replace another type J such as from brand B.  Those of you who buy from the same brand can attach heads to all types of track lighting.

How long does track lighting last?

LEDs have a life span of between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. The longevity of the LEDs also depends on the brand. If someone buys a well-known LED brand, the durability can last a long time. One of the well-known and high-quality brands is DGT. The DGT brand guarantees that LED products can last 3 to 5 years.

Are track lights outdated?

Most of the shops actually use track lighting. Lighting with this type can provide a number of advantages for the manager or store owner. You can find all the advantages below.

1. Track light is easy to install

The installation process of the track light is easy, including reinstalling the head. The installation process only takes a little time especially if you use professional help.

The length of the track can be adjusted to the needs of consumers. Each track can also be installed with a head lamp according to the needs of the shop.

2. It's more flexible to use track light than other lights, you can decide which and how many track light install in a track rail

A store may require different amounts of lighting when it comes to displaying new products. For example, let’s say the latest fashion product arrives and the store manager wants to immediately display it on the mannequin. The more classy a fashion will definitely be applied with special lighting. Providing lighting and adjusting the angle of light on the product will be easy with the help of a track light. You can also set how many lights you want to use.

3. Easy to replace, unlock the track light and pull them out from the track rail, don't need rewire lights

A moment made the shop owner need to rearrange the track light. The person in charge of replacing it does not need to disassemble it down to the wire. They just need to take the track light and get it off the track rail. This step will take less time than other lights.

What is the difference between H track and L track?

We will discuss in more depth about the H track. The manufacturer that developed this light rail track is Halo. But now the model is used by other brands as well. H track applies 3 wires in 1 circuit. In this series there are 3 metal clips and can be fitted with a lighting pendant. Besides being able to be fitted with pendant lighting, you can also install it with LED track lighting.

The L track has a pretty significant difference in design compared to the H track. The L track stands for Lightolier and has 2 wires. This track is also suitable to be combined with pendant lighting and LED head. You can even install an industrial type pendant that can light up a wider room than usual.

What is the difference between H track and J track?

H tract allows 3 contact points or 3 wires. The H track can be installed easily and offers adjustable lighting. The design of this one track is indeed more complex than the J and L style. This tract will not be compatible with J and L style which only has 2 wires. So H track is only suitable for H style only.

J track is a product of Juno manufactures. This style applies 2 wire or 2 contact points. One strip on the right and the other on the left. The maximum distance from one strip to another is 15/16 inch. Several J lighting tracks interchangeable with JT system based on multiple websites. The types of lights that can be attached to the J style are line voltage, low voltage, monorail lighting, and pendant lighting.

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