rawhide lamp shades for rustic lighting - how to measure and choose the right size lampshade

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-28
The right rawhide lampshade can make the perfect light.
However, the shadow of the wrong size will make the beautiful light out of balance.
Moreover, the lampshade of the wrong size is not convenient and expensive.
Make the right choice for the first time.
Our specialty is country lighting and Southwest raw skin lampshade, but the technology we use can be used with any lampshade, raw skin lampshade or other lampshade.
Even before you order, try to choose the right color for your light.
Follow this simple procedure to help make the right choice for the first time.
First, we need to know how to measure the lampshade.
You need three sizes, bottom diameter, top diameter and height.
The height of the shadow should be measured vertically up and down. . .
Not along the slope.
Measurement Tip 1: The reason why we measure the height up and down, \"vertical\" is the height measurement of the lamp from the bulb socket base to the top of the harp may be the minimum vertical height you want to cover with a shadow.
Measurement Tip 2: the height of your lamp can be adjusted with a shorter or higher harp in order to be able to use a standard lampshade instead of ordering a custom lampshade in many cases.
Now, this is the trick to order the right shade.
You may know something about the approximate size, so just check the list of raw skin lampshades and select the one you are considering.
As mentioned above, measurements for each shadow should be listed.
Next, make a simple two.
Size \"flat\" pattern, shadow size on the outside of paper or cardboard.
For example, the lower edge of the cardboard is used as the baseline.
Measure the height of the shadow and draw a horizontal line parallel to the baseline that will represent the top edge of the shadow.
Now draw a vertical line up and down from the baseline to the upper edge line.
If you think of baseline, vertical and upper edge lines as capital letters \"I\", you are on the right track.
The next step is to mark the top and bottom dimensions of the shadow on the pattern in order to get the correct tilt of the shadow edge.
Measure and mark the top diameter of the shadow from the center line.
If the top diameter is 5 \", measure the left and right sides of the center line along the top edge line 2.
5 \"and mark the two sides.
These are the top corners of your pattern.
Use the bottom diameter of the shadow to repeat along the baseline.
It\'s really not if it looks confusing, but it\'s very simple and fast.
For visual assistance, see our all-color shadow measurement graphics.
Finally, when you step back and look at it, cut out the pattern and ask someone to put it above the light.
Even if it\'s flat, you can feel the shadows on your lights and orders with confidence.
This is not a sufficient proof, but it is a quick and easy way to make sure you are on the right track in your shadow size selection.
This simple idea has helped our customers save a lot of money and money over the years and we believe it will benefit you as well.
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