reduced operational costs and big energy savings in offices

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-24
Improve document and management productivity by improving work efficiency, improve business competition by reducing operating costs, and better formulate strategies, plans and decisions so that customers can get better services, this is the miracle of office automation.Work becomes less cumbersome, and automatic functions are promoted in areas where repetitive tasks require manual intervention.Yes, office automation makes data entry easier by minimizing errors.It is a combination of the use of local area networks and networks, cables and wires, PLC, SCADA and related instruments, making it possible for complete integration, control and management.These IT solutions have become necessary-There are many offices today.The scope of office automation also includes office automation to optimize the use of energy, ensure safety, and automate certain activities.Management likes trouble.Operate free of charge and reduce overall operating costs.A lot of energy savings can save the electricity bills generated every month.Intelligent management of the office is the key.IT turns out that PLC and SCADA (monitoring and data collection) are an integral part of IT solutions in an office automation environment.SCADA is a computer, a central control system that helps to monitor the entire site, complex, or system that is spread across a large area such as industry, infrastructure or facilities.Process-based.

Processes involved in the efficient operation of water treatment plans, oil and gas installations, sewage treatment plants, wind farms, power companies and other infrastructure units.
Monitor and control the HVAC, lighting, passage and energy consumption of buildings, airports, ships and space stations.SCADA includes PLC as a subsystem.Compared to other subsystems such as RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), PLC is more economical, flexible, configurable and versatile.Data acquisition in SCADA starts with PLC;This is a series of processes that serve the ultimate purpose and are also the goal of installing SCADA.In the field of automation, PLC and SCADA are IT solutions. without these solutions, the implementation of this concept is far-fetched.For the best results, get the services of a reliable automation solution provider.When we talk about home and office automation, the use of LED lights is really important.Yes, the LED light can significantly reduce the overall bill in a month.If 100 tubes or CFLs are used, the unit consumption may be 3000 watts or more.If LED lights are used, the consumption will be reduced by half.This may seem a bit expensive at the time of installation, but in the long run they can keep you forever.Also, with less energy, you will only contribute to creating a green building, a green environment.Indoor, outdoor, landscape, event-you can get LED lights for a variety of purposes.
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