removing a wall brings a visual focus

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On July 4, 1985, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
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Kitchen in Upper East Side of Erika Franke-bedroom co-
Op is a disaster. There is no window in the dark.
There\'s a pass.
Enter the living room through the wall, but only 1 feet of the countertop, refrigerator, sink and stove at 6-by-3-foot space.
\"There is only 1 feet between the kitchen equipment and the wall,\" said Miss Frank.
\"You can\'t let two people in at the same time.
The wall between the kitchen and the living room also destroys the proportion of her living room.
\"I am eager to get rid of it,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a pleasure to take it down.
However, the opening of the kitchen area has become a visual focus.
\"Since I am going to look at it all the time,\" said Miss Frank, \"I hope it will be attractive.
\"Miss Franco is the designer of the byr brindder Bell architecture firm.
While she only spends about $1,500 on kitchen renovations, she has extensive architectural experience in renovating her former home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
First, she removed the wall between the kitchen and the living room and removed the old felt from the floor.
She extended the oak floor of the living room to the kitchen area and redecorated the ceiling.
It was her next chore to tidy up the shabby wooden cabinet.
\"I want them to look like furniture, not kitchen cabinets,\" she said . \".
She made new doors and fronts with borrowed spray guns and compressors and painted them black.
More than 6 layers of paint were used.
Luckily her stove was black and chrome but she bought a new chrome sink with Chrome goose
She cut the neck spout and faucet on the black epoxy counter.
In order to get the working space,
Replace the size refrigerator with the 6 th. 5-cubic-
Suitable for the foot under the new countertop.
To cover the white refrigerator door, she cut an acrylic panel to install it and painted it black with a spray gun.
Miss Franco wants her kitchen to be dramatic.
I want the counter area to shine, she added.
To achieve this, she built a 24-hour
Extending an inch of the fascia wall from the ceiling above the paint cabinet creates an eightinch-
Deep storage area.
This glow is provided by two down lights hidden under the wall.
Miss Frank\'s kitchen is now 2 feet by 6 feet.
1 feet narrow, but more powerful;
She only needs to put the fridge under the counter to get 2 feet of the working space.
She did the job herself and therefore did not exceed her budget.
The next acquisition of Miss Frank issink diswasher.
How the money is spent: Total cost: $1,540. 50.
Refrigerator, $500;
Stainless steel sink, $90;
Water mouth and faucet, $120;
Laboratory countertop, $390;
Two Lights, $60; flooring, $40;
Fascia Wall Wood, $50;
Acrylic panel, $24;
Ceiling material, $50; lacquer $16. 50.
A version of the article appeared in print in July 4, 1985, and on page Cadden 8 of the national edition, the title was: the removal of the wall brought a visual focus.
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