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Mahavir withdrew from wrestling in 1987 and his contact with the sport was limited to viewing (
It was rare for him in those days)
Or be invited to a as a VIP.
No matter after wrestling Day or retirement, he never thought of becoming a coach.
His master, Shang Ji Ram, introduced his daughter to the sport.
Although Mahavir had three daughters at the time, he did not particularly like the 90 s ---
Geita, Babita and Ritu.
\"For me, wrestling is limited to boys because I have never seen a woman kick the wrestling out in a mud pit before.
Of course, I never thought my daughter could wrestle.
\"In terms of this, due to the lack of sports facilities in our village, there are no children in my family participating in any sports activities.
The children only play games like hide and seek. and-
Look for marbles or play in the alleys of the village.
\"All of this has changed after 2000 Sydney Olympics,\" Mahavir said, referring to his key decision to train children in his family to win Olympic gold one day.
When he was young, he spent most of his time pursuing wrestling. While leading his family\'s children into the sports world, fighting was his natural choice.
However, as soon as he made his decision, he knew that it was not enough to have only one wish.
There is no wrestling center in or around their village.
He therefore concluded that his first task was to prepare a pit of mud.
\"Without letting anyone know my plan, I started digging a mud pit in the yard and was ready in a few days.
\"Aware of my wrestling career, onlookers think I\'m preparing for my personal exercise,\" Mahavir said . \".
\"We are six brothers, and all of our families live in Balali, except for a brother who is a government teacher in Rajasthan.
\"There are 12 children in these 5 families, including 5 girls.
One night I told all the kids to start wrestling in the pit the next morning and they were all there at dawn.
\"The children are called to the mud pit and they are passionate about having the opportunity to have some fun.
They don\'t know at all that decisive morning will lead to hard work and pain in the next few days, even years.
\"I am only 12 years old, and other children except one of my cousins are even younger than me, and some are only 6 years old.
So one can imagine how seriously we took my father\'s initial decision to train us, \"said Geeta, Mahavir\'s eldest daughter.
\"We think it will make us play together and we will have a good time.
But on the first day, we understood my father\'s intentions.
The hard training did not give us a minute to relax.
\"Not only does this make the girls, but even the boys get tall and dry.
We had no experience and spent a few days adapting to the training system.
I remember how I was so exhausted in the first few days that I slept most of the time at school.
\"The irony is that my love for the period of sport quickly disappears and I will use it to relax in a corner of the classroom,\" added Babita . \", She was only 11 when she started wrestling.
Among the girls, her cousin Priyanka is eight years old, her cousin Vinesh and sister Ritu are six years old.
Once the children enter the mud pit, the girls are told to forget about their booking and send out the brute force that the boys normally expect.
It is this indifference to their gender and the just environment provided to the children that has become their strength and continues to affect their performance in the world\'s largest stadium.
At the same time, every family member was shocked by the severe training of the children, and in the first days they wondered if Mahavir would be punished for their early antics.
The real purpose of Mahavir\'s training of Olympic champions has never been in their minds.
Despite the children\'s search for escape routes to escape training, Mahavir gave strict instructions to his family to follow even if he was not there.
\"While we can escape a day of training if my father is away, my mother and her sister are instructed to make sure we go for a run.
But instead of running, we take the sheets and sleep on the track that dad does near the field, \"Babita said with a smile.
Mahavir, who firmly believes in adhering to the philosophy that is essential to success, quickly understood what the children would do while he was away and worked out a road map to stop them.
\"I don\'t know how he knew we skipped the run while he was away.
But there he began to hide in the field and watch us train.
When we play or sleep in the field, he will suddenly jump at us and surprise us.
\"As soon as we saw him there, we knew we had a big problem,\" Babita added . \".
Mahavir recalled one of the many events of his train prank, \"I don\'t remember whether it was winter or summer, but I used to go to Rohtak to do some work and from there I had to rush to Delhi.
\"When the kids knew I was in Delhi, they thought I didn\'t get a chance to come back that day.
They think this opportunity can be used to skip training the next morning.
\"What really frustrated them was that I got back to Balali around 4.
At 30 the next morning, go straight to the fields to see what they are doing.
To my surprise, I saw them idle in the fields.
When I asked them about their training, they had a story ready . \"
\"According to them, they have just finished their exercise and are relaxing.
Morning meetings usually start at four o\'clock A. M. so it is not possible for them to finish the meeting within 30 minutes.
\"When asked further, they lied through their teeth and told me that they had arrived at the training place at 2. 30 am.
They can see that I don\'t believe a word, but they have been talking and telling me that they have started training since their alarm clock rang at two o\'clock A. M.
\"I just told them to line up and punish them severely.
Half of them.
I want to train so it\'s important to do a surprise check once in a while.
\"If I go home late, I will park my car far away so that the children will think that I didn\'t come back when I woke up the next morning.
Then halfway through. an-
\"For about an hour of their training, I will go to the venue to see if they are training,\" Mahavir said.
\"Even if I am not around, I have to take these steps to make sure they are disciplined and trained in good faith.
I now know that if I am not strict, they will not achieve what they have achieved.
\"My ruthlessness is for their benefit.
\"I hope they won\'t do all the punishment to me now,\" he said with a smile . \".
The children\'s hopes of skipping any training session began to fade away slowly.
Now neither the rain nor their tricks can help them until they realize that they will only wake up when Mahavir wakes up because he won\'t let anyone sleep a minute more than he does
\"Training makes us realize how much we like our sleep.
It became our biggest luxury.
\"When we moved to the lobby, we had been training for four years and all of us were in their teens except Ritu, Vinesh and Priyanka,\" Geeta said . \".
\"All of our skills have finally failed over the years, but every experience has made us smarter,\" Gita laughed . \".
\"Soon, we realized that it was only before the alarm sounded that the alarm was delayed or lifted so that Dad could wake up.
\"When dad sets his own alarm clock, it\'s a bit risky to change it.
So we try to stop the alarm before it rings.
\"We know the price of being caught ---
Spank with whatever Dad can catch.
But that\'s not much compared to getting an extra few minutes of precious sleep.
\"When we cancel the alarm clock, Dad will ask us why the alarm clock is not ringing, and we will immediately be surprised and innocent,\" Gita said with a smirk . \".
While Mahavir managed to move the wrestling course indoors to avoid rain, indoor training is often interrupted due to lack of light.
Training at dawn, especially in the winter when the sun rises late, becomes difficult without Tuesday.
To make matters worse, the electricity supply in this village is very unstable, and it is still the case ten years later.
Mahavir saw only one solution and arranged a power inverter to provide uninterrupted power supply for the wrestling Hall.
But his pranks also managed to ruin the plan.
\"We\'ll plug in an iron or other appliance that needs more current to the inverter when it\'s powered off to quickly drain the inverter\'s battery,\" Babita said with a smile . \".
His plan was perfect because the unstable power supply did not allow the battery to fully charge, which would force Mahavir to forgive them for their training the next morning.
\"He has no choice but to let us go, but not without giving us strict instructions to ensure that the inverter is charged whenever the power is restored,\" she added . \".
Their coach also found their antics, \"Until today, Tao didn\'t know we used to fiddle with his alarm clock.
But even ten years after leaving the sport, I didn\'t have the courage to confess before him . \" Said Rahul.
Babita added: \"We continue to train under the leadership of dad, who is as strict as the first few years of our training.
The only real change was that he stopped hitting us.
But for the alarm clock and the inverter battery, we never dare to be honest with him.
\"I don\'t know what new punishment he will come up with to get us to pay for this extra few minutes of sleep.
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