save money by installing cree lr6 led downlights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-03
Most people don\'t spend a lot of time thinking about lighting at home or business and their associated energy costs, but if they know the benefits and savings of energy-efficient lighting in today\'s market, this will change soon.
Entering the LED downlight is one of the best LED lighting solutions and a major example of how LED lighting will revolutionize the lighting industry.
While not all current LED replacement bulbs meet their requirements, products like Cree LR6 downlights provide you with beautiful warm white light, 85% more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lamps, life is 50,000 hours.
This means that if it runs about 6-6, it doesn\'t need to be replaced for the next 20 years or more8 hours a day.
The main problem most people find themselves having with LED downlights is, \"does these benefits justify the high cost?
\"The answer must be yes.
Let\'s take a closer look at the cost savings of using LED downlights such as Cree LR6.
Most traditional downlights use standard 65-
Watt incandescent lamps, run on switches that usually contain several downlights.
In this example, we will say that there are always six lights on a switch.
On average, the cost of a single 65-
The 50,000 hour Watt incandescent lamp is $325, so you will find that the operating cost of six of them is $1,950 during this time.
Another factor we have to consider is the rated life of incandescent lamps, usually 750-1000 hours.
Assuming that each bulb lasts 1,000 hours, we need to purchase 50 bulbs per fixture to get a total running time of 50,000 hours.
Multiply it by 6 fixtures and we will buy 300 bulbs!
If the cost per bulb is $2 on average, we end up paying an extra $600 for a total of $2,550 to run six incandescent lamps.
Now, in a similar case, what is the operating cost of Cree LR6?
Surprisingly, it uses only 12 watts of electricity, which is 85% less than 65 watts.
Incandescent lamps in Watt.
The energy cost of lighting up an LR6 50,000 hours is only $60 on average.
If we have six downlights, then our total energy cost is equal to a paltry $360, and the added benefit is that there is no need to replace them.
The current price of the LR6 is about $90, so we will spend about $540 to install them (
They can be installed as a direct replacement for standard downlights without the need for special tools)
Our total cost will be $900 in 50,000 hours.
This is $1,650 less than using 65-
Watt incandescent!
If you want to know how the LED downlight compares to the compact fluorescent bulb (CFL)
, The LED downlight is 50% more energy efficient than the CFL and does not contain mercury, a toxic substance that requires special treatment and cleaning if the CFL bulb breaks.
The last benefit of LED downlights is that they generate much less heat than conventional bulbs, and thus help to reduce the cost associated with air conditioning.
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