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The distinctive caves of Elephanta are certainly one of the ultimate upshots of human's inventive conceptions. The outstanding fact about this entire temple, to have been erected by removing a rock itself, makes it more terrific and entrancing allure to the visitors. The land, location and the ingenuity of this creation reveals the distinctive taste of man even in those bygone days when they had only begun to learn and implement the preliminary applications of science.

Rapturous and incredibly isolated location

The Elephanta Caves are engraved on the hills of the Elephanta Island which is located in the Arabian Sea 10 km away from the Gateway of India, in Mumbai. One can feel the elation of this panorama with eventual knack of the mankind simultaneously, and quench their longing to unveil the inimitably constructed art and architectures on earth. As usual, one needs to reach here only by boat. A 15 minutes thrilling ferry ride from the gateway of India and here you go with your dreamy visit to these caves, which are bound be etched in your minds as an everlasting striking reminisce.

A perfect medley of bliss & skill in rock cut architectural style!

Carved somewhere around fifth century, the caves that sprawl over a large area of about 60000 square feet are a network of seven rock-cut temples. These idiosyncratic sanctuaries are embraced with a main chamber, courtyards and several subsidiary shrines. A mass of natural rock above the temple adds to its appeal. The three entrances to the temple give it an intriguing labyrinth pat, in which the eastern and the western entrances mark the axis of the temple.

Hewn from solid rock, striking marvels of sculptures embellish every nook of the Elephanta Caves. Trimurthy, which is an astonishing 20 feet high sculptor of the three headed Shiva, is one of the distinguished master pieces of Indian art. This huge image embodying Panchamukha Shiva with its three faces carved into the wall strikes your mind the moment you enter the temple through the northern entrance.

Eventually, it won't be unjustifiable to identify these caves of Elephanta, decked out with some of the exquisite work of Indian art especially including stone sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, to be only one of its kinds.

Well Connected to the world

The most remarkable idea is that one need not fret if planning to experience its enchantment, as there are many domestic and international flights to Mumbai. The commercial capital of the country is also a primary hub for all major international carriers of the country and one can easily source cheap flights to India landing in Mumbai. The growing popularity of the country and its cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai has resulted in international airlines operating an ever increasing number of flights to India. A number of travel agents in the UK specialise in India Holidays and can tailor a package deal including Mumbai air tickets, hotel stay as well as sight seeing tour with a trip to the Elephanta Caves.

Best Time to Visit Elephanta Caves

The government of Indian state of Maharashtra organizes a breathtaking musical event called Elephanta festival every year in February making this heritage a perfect juncture filled with an insight of devout and edifying aspects of India. February also happens to be one of the best times to visit Mumbai and take an expedition to these caves. The weather is pleasant and the region is far less humid than the summer months - perfect for tourists to indulge in a number of outdoor activities.

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