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by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-16
Is Earth safety important?Do you care about the environment?Spectacularly-Amazing Sky!Let the happy sun enter your house.Is it too difficult to contribute to environmental safety?Protect and protect nature and its resources.The best use of all resources, especially renewable energy alternatives, must be made.
Are attractions better than safety and productivity?What is the skylight lighting solution?In simple terms, the function of the skylight can be interpreted as a medium of infinite light sources of the universe, the Sun, which can be used and focused on mitigating commercial and residential sites.The cost is very low compared to durability and benefits.Traditional skylight manufacturers have designed skylights, including direct sunlight harvesting through translucent materials on the roof, with functions such as UV protection and heat insulationAnd so on, although the latest design is also known as tubular day.
Lighting Equipment (TDDs), tubular sunroof, light tunnel, Sun pipe, even light pipe, affordable, high priceEfficient and energy-efficient lighting solutions that bring sunlight into the interior spaces that are inaccessible to traditional skylights and windows.It greatly reduces the demand for electricity while maintaining the connection between the individual and the outdoor natural environment.The sunroof has many different shapes and designs to accommodate and enhance each internal environment.
These designs are divided into two categories: pipe skylight and roof skylight.The wider space is preferred to the roof, while the narrower space is preferred to the pipe where needed.Use skylight shades for privacy purposes.g.Bedroom and bathroom as needed.Studies have shown that people who are often exposed to natural light are more efficient (improve performance), more positive (emotional enhancement), and get better happinessbeing.
The building skylight is light.
Frame tube provided at an affordable price and multi-function system.Make this person morePromote green and clean environment.The amazing design can be square, octagonal or/and extended configurations as required.
O reduce the use of fans and air conditioners in warm months.These systems also promote creative architectural expressions and feelings.It can be designed to achieve specific lighting effects such as soffit lighting and wall washing lights, as well as lighting for special applications such as on-site walls and aquariums.
The pipeline skylight reduces the risk of toxic hair-prone areas and mold substances, maintaining the health of the venue.It also balances the light emitted in the room and minimizes the need for a fan and air conditioner for warm months.Unlike large yellow bulbs, these systems bring bright daylight in the room.
Why does a skylight need to be installed?Innovators creatively invented a lighting solution with zero power costs and zero pollution.New and more creative skylight structures are being designed to maximize the use of the sun and improve the local atmosphere.The House gives a feeling of naturalism.The viscous circuit of energy generation and consumption is disturbed, saving renewable resources and environment by reducing negative environmental conditions.
It encourages a green and clean environment.It provides a natural environment for the entire venue, helping to avoid energy consumptionConsumption of artificial lighting systems.Almost everyone likes the feeling from the skylight because of natureIt offers beauty and displays in the room.
There is a huge demand for such lighting system, which leads to the development of new design, more effective and efficient.Make the room beautiful and the environment clean.It is characterized by technology, beyond the digital world.
It allows families to keep in touch with nature and also to connect with each other.Sunroof provides so many benefits to users, and also provides a lot of money for manufacturers, which is a win-win case.It inspires manufacturers to make better systems and attracts people to install more of them in their places.
Install a skylight in your place and save the environment!
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