smart design ideas for your bathroom vanity -

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-24
Bathroom vanity is a unit that helps keep the bathroom more organized and united.For each of us, the bathroom is the perfect place for us to relax.In addition, water is said to be the best treatment.It releases every worry and tension in the body, making it completely relaxed and free from bacteria.We have a few things that need to be placed properly so that you can easily find them if you want your bathroom to be more practical and stylish.For your bathroom vanity, there are different storage ideas here: cleverly designed storage: storage in the bathroom is very important because there are a few things there.From shampoo to toilet roll and cleaning supplies.It is necessary to carefully plan the storage, be practical, ensure that everything has a place to place, and do not scatter things listlessly on the surface of vanity.Plan with a shaving or medicine cabinet with a mirror door on the wall above your bathroom dresser it is an amazing option to make clever storage.Install these units to the wall so that the mirror door is almost aligned with the wall, creating a fantastic look with \"hidden\" storage.The shaving device should be deep enough to store all moisturizer, shaving gel, etc., So the internal depth of about 150mm is cleared and used enough.There are flexible shelves so you can change them depending on the height of the item or product you want to put inside.Like the kitchen, drawers are the best way to get more users to useFriendly storage in the washing area.If the drawer is just under the sink, you will be asked to have the drawer damage the sink drain.There is a permanent partition in the drawer, or buy a drawer to store small pieces and elements in it.Make-up, moisturizer, nail polish, and even jewelry.Put the open shelves on the dresser to make it more convenient for you to use the towels, they also look beautiful and offer a very spa-Like in the bathroom.The machines that are hard to properly store in the bathroom are hair dryers and straightener.The other thing is that when you are in a hurry to get ready for office advertising, you will face the hair dryer wires that are wrapped together, which can really be irritating.Some dressers are equipped with brackets to subtly place hair dryers and straightener.Make more room: you can get extra bench space by letting the vanity surface extend to the end of the tub.The space left below can be used to put beauty products in beautiful baskets or to store children\'s bathing toys.Wall-mounted or floating bathroom units are an amazing way to make the small laundry feel more spacious.The more space the floor has, the bigger it looks.Remember, this vanity is good for your drain to enter the wall instead of going down to the floor.Lighting is another excellent way to fill the space with illusion.The fact that the LED lights fixed on this dresser lift the cabinet to float also provides a real wow factor.Sometimes the toilet tank stands out and cannot be hidden or fixed to the wall, but you want it to give you a streamlined look, and maybe you can cover the tank with a vanity.Not only will you get the look you want, but you will also get more bench space.
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