soccer field lighting on track.

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-23
Byline: J. P. Ellery WARREN -
When a $140,000 donated outdoor lighting system was installed in the middle of the Quaboag area, the cloud shrouded --
Graduated from high school.
\"We\'re back on track,\" said Frank G . \"
Gao Meng, principal of Quaboag Regional Middle School
High school sports BoosterClub.
\"We ordered the lights delivered by May and we would like to have them installed sometime in June or early.
\"The lights are for a new football field in West Brookfield --
Warrenschool is located on the campus of old Brookfield Road.
The club has been raising money for the project since 2001
Last summer, the Lyon family in West Brookfield promised $60,000, bringing the effort to its peak.
The lighting equipment is scheduled to be installed on last September, but the quaboag Regional School Board subsequently proposed a five-
A legal struggle around the adjacent track and field has hindered the pending work.
The school department has been fighting against J & J contractors and Consigli Construction Companies in Lowell. Inc.
Milford in a $24 million renovation and expansion
Completed 2002 high school.
The legal struggle involved track and field, which was part of the overall upgrade, and the architects felt that the track and field project was not satisfactory.
The lawsuit is still in progress and the contractor does not wish to install a drop off near the track and field venue, for fear that the venue may be damaged, which may jeopardize their case.
However, officials at the football club recently assured contractors that the installation of the lighting system would not affect the track and field venues.
\"The booster told me that they worked with contractors where they could install and meet all the requirements put forward by the school committee,\" said Joseph F . \"
Scanlon, director of finance and operations, Quaboag district school district. Mr.
Gaumond said that the club provided the contractor with all the information needed for the dedicated boring equipment to be used, \"and that was a success,\" he said.
The district school council voted on July to pass a bill allowing lighting installation, provided the booster club ensures that there will be no problems with the school district.
The club is also required to hire a certified and licensed contractor with a history of installing such lighting equipment, who will provide evidence of possible damages for the school district and submit-
One year warranty for lighting equipment. Mr.
Gaumond said in a previous interview that continuing to delay the installation would jeopardize the project because it would raise the price to a level that the club could not afford.
The school district is very grateful to Mr. booster club for his donation. Scanlon said.
\"It should expand its use in the field,\" he said . \".
\"This provides the sports department with the ability to play more night games and events.
In my personal experience, I know that other schools with lights can arrange different night activities, but not always Sports.
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