some thoughts on g4 halogen bulbs

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-14
Halogen lamps have been used on board for many years.
G4s is usually used for small flush-
Spot light fixtures and some reading fixtures are installed, while MR16s are usually used for compact hanger fixtures.
The main reason is brightness.
The problem is that they have some drops.
The decline is actually very serious.
Heat, life, voltage sensitivity and change protocol.
Halogen lamps often produce a lot of heat.
Heat means wasted energy, especially when you are trying to light up an area that is produced.
On board, wasted energy means more use of engines or generators
Charging settings.
In serious cases, people find themselves either adding solar panels (
If the ship is not yet available)
Increase the number of solar panels or increase wind turbines.
All these are expensive.
Another problem with heat accumulation --
This is a potential fire hazard.
When I was in the middle
It was pointed out to me that the size power boat recently had burnt marks on the top of the cabinet door.
When these doors are open, they tend to just stop under the halogen lamp, only a few inches away from the top of the door and the spotlight.
It doesn\'t feel good when you find a wood door burnt.
Let me wonder how long it will last before he catches fire.
Our solution is to replace the suitable size LED replacement for the housing.
Another failure is limited life.
It really won\'t last long.
It could take 4,000 hours if you\'re lucky.
Part of the reason is the sensitivity of halogen lamps to voltage fluctuations.
Compare it to LED with a typical life of at least 50,000 hours.
This means that the change of the bulb will be reduced.
Now also consider MR16 hanger bulbs like Lewis hanger lights.
You know, climbing up is just a pain at best.
This is the last question when it comes to light bulb changes.
Bulb changes for G4 halogen lamps especially with latex gloves or something like that installed on them to prevent you from touching the new bulb directly.
Oil in the skin causes hot spots on the glass and causes the bulb to fail prematurely.
So, don\'t touch the bulb with your hands.
If you do, wipe the bulb clean with a paper towel soaked in alcohol.
With all this in mind, it is clear that halogen lamps are far from ideal on board.
Now, don\'t worry about the need to replace the lamps.
It\'s expensive, unnecessary, and usually a hassle.
Simple solution?
Just replace the LED bulb.
Simple, cheap (
In the long run, halogen worth 50,000 hours can make it easy for you to operate $36)
And more efficient (
Means more time on the hook).
All of this, you can keep your existing fixtures.
Sounds like a plan to me!
As before, wish all the boat people a safe and happy!
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