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by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-29
LED lights also seem to be the second best thing in stage lighting, as there are many useful features in the theater environment.The most important feature of LED lights is low energy consumption and cheap price.Due to the extremely high energy utilization of LED lights, it is becoming a more common solution in homes and officessaving.This feature is one of the main reasons to use them for stage applications, making these small lights so popular in stage lighting as well.Energy saving is especially a key issue for smaller stages where budgets are tight and every penny is important.Energy-Saving is not the only useful feature of LED lights, but any small theater, including the school stage, should consider using these lights for several reasons.LED lighting is usually cheap due to large imports from the east to the UK.There are a lot of small and compact solutions that are available and affordable for any stage decor in the school, or LED strip lights like bands or DJs.This is actually a further advantage: these compact solutions are easy to carry and can create a variety of well-used effects.Unlike other lighting solutions, the LED light is light in weight, has small heat and has no UV radiation.These qualities are very practical because the lighting means that the fire is less dangerous and healthier for people on the stage.It also reduces the number of accidents in the background.The main reason for the low heat is the high conversion rate of the led, converting 90% of the energy into light instead of heat.In this way, these small lights can achieve a very high brightness at a very low cost.However, the very popular feature of led in stage lighting is that you can use so-Called RGB TechnologyBy combining the brightness of the red, green and blue lights, you can mix them into any color in a wide spectral range.With this single tool, you can create a variety of emotions and atmosphere on the stage;Especially when soft light is needed.RGB LEDs are ideal for artistic purposes and you can achieve many effects with them.Currently, white LED lights don\'t seem to be very useful on stage.On this issue, technology must be further developed before using very bright and focused light on the stage.Quality solutions already exist, but they are too expensive for smaller theaters.In addition to the brightness, the color rendering index (CRI) is not the best for most LEDs.This actually means that the white LED light does not have a full-spectrum color and that the object may be very different in the light than in the natural light or tungsten light.With the development of technology and the price you are willing to pay for your LED lights, this quality has also become better.Another major advantage of the Led is dimmable.These lights can be darker better than incandescent lamps and are definitely better than fluorescent lamps.Since the technology is PWM (pulsewidth-Modulated), the light turned on and off soon.In order to avoid full flashing, you also need high quality dimming and high quality lights.At present, this is mainly led with higher price.Dimming, multiple colors, low heat dissipation, brightness and extremely low power consumption. These features are a successful combination if you want to operate stage lighting at low cost.An important problem with LED lighting is that its technology is developing very fast and it is still in its infancy, so the features and quality we lack today may appear tomorrow.
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