stars appear on small stages to stretch their talents

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Actors often talk about challenging themselves;
Some actors have even done something about it, and when they do, it\'s often far from Broadway.
With the soaring costs and the timidity of the producers, off-Broadway and Off-Broadway continue to attract these actors, many of whom already have a reputation, they want to test their courage and expand their reach in classic and unusual new dramas, monologue, and collaborative performances.
Actors often leave Broadway for necessary reasons
Specific projects may be considered as projects with questionable business prospects.
But sometimes they volunteer.
This is the case with Al Pacino, who started this evening at the Amphitheater of the plaza downtown theater to admire David Mamei\'s American Buffalo (254-6330)
This is a legendary home of memorable performances. Sir, this season.
Pasino performed the Mamet drama at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, performing for the well-received and audience.
With his fame and box office clout, the actor can no doubt bring Arvin Brown\'s work to Broadway.
Instead, he chose a small house located at 159 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, to gain the intimacy of the space, remove the commercial pressure, and have the possibility of not having a Broadway spotlightActually, Mr.
Pacino is just one of the many outstanding actors who appeared on the smaller stage in New York this weekend.
In Chelsea\'s two theaters, the improved roundabout is becoming an arena for modern classics and experienced actors in British drama.
333 West 23d Street on the main stage around the island (242-7800)
British film actress Susanna York will make her debut on the American stage as ib\'s Hedda Garber, which is also made by Harris Yulin (It is Mr.
Especially Yulin, his talent is playing.
This season, seen in Broadway\'s Assol fogard\'s lesson from aloo, as a strong, stoic former political activist, actor, in Hyde
Polite husband, Tesman.
This is a character that often disappears in the background,
Yulin won\'t make Tesman a fool.
Without ignoring the character\'s weaknesses, he released him without charge with adrenaline and gave him a point of view.
We felt his near childlike admiration for Hedda and his desperate attachment to the limits of life.
In most works, Mr.
Yulin\'s efforts we understand the nature of Hedda-
Tesman relationship.
Small second stage advertisement at 307 Street west of Huandao (242-7800)
The admirable revival of Sherah Delaney\'s \"Taste of Honey\", in the 1950s, was a pioneer in cleaning houses that took place in British paintings --room-
Leading the theater.
Amanda pulumer and Valerie French
In this intuitive play about an impulsive young woman, there is no way out and no choice as a star of a daughter and mother.
The play and the production of Tony Tanner avoid a sense of sentimentality;
There is no modification or self-modification in this portrait.
Miss pulumer, who was thin and tight, highlighted the young woman\'s firm determination to find an identity Island when considering her birth accident.
The actress was grumpy and funny and won sympathy without arousing our sympathy.
Over the years, Miss French has played a different role in English in Pinte and other people\'s works.
As a mother in the Taste of Honey, she offers a color-protected profile trying to cover up the dullness of her life with futile charm and romance.
They have trouble communicating together-
And necessity-
Their twin relationship.
One of the cutest and most talented actresses on the New York stage is Michelle Shea, who appeared at the Phoenix Theatre Mustafa Mathura\'s \"meeting\" earlier this season.
\"She returned to her home base at Theater 4, 424 West 55 Street, Black Ensemble (246-8545)
Re-shaping her role in Samm\'s revival
Home of Art Williams.
In this charming contemporary fable, Miss Shay staged a season on Broadway where she played a different group of women, cities and villages --
There are even a few people.
She is one of a dozen reasons why people should see \"home\" on a short return date.
A good example of unconventional pop is Franz Xaver Kroetz\'s \"Request Concert\", extended to June at Interart Theatre, 549 West 52d Street (279-4200).
This is a woman starring Joan MacIntosh.
For the first time, the actress has gained a prominent position in the performance work directed by Richard shekner in the performance garage.
In recent seasons, her performance has diversified.
The play is probably her toughest feat yet.
70 for work-
The actress was speechless for a minute because she played a job-
Class women experience the sad ritual of being alone.
We are her witnesses and companions she cannot see.
We share silence.
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This is a very demanding role, combined with items and tools that are the basic equipment of her life.
To her credit, Miss Macintosh never allowed herself to perform the Master\'s \"performance\", but remained firmly in her role and in the system of enforcement.
As directed by JoAnne Akalaitis, the \"Request Concert\" sets out the lonely vacuum by reproducing the state of life on the stage. \'Mr.
When Joe Orton\'s \"Gentleman of hospitality\" Sloane came back
Sloane performed on Broadway for the first time in 1965 and lasted only 13 performances.
Since then, it has become part of the purpose of modern drama, but its sexual theme is still considered controversial in commercial theaters.
In a small hotel outside. of-the-
Westside main stage theater at 424 West 49 Street (279-4200)
The new semi-dark band Company, directed by John tilinger, is offering an exemplary revival.
In his other duties
Tiinger, the literary manager of the New Haven Long Wharf Theater, the company he assembled outside Broadway could easily double on that regional stage.
In fact, Joseph Mach, who plays a very attractive businessman, is often seen at long docks --
From fashion to notorious characters (
Last season, he was nominated for a Tony award for performing on Broadway opposite Maggie Smith in \"day and night). His co-star in \'\'Mr.
Sloan is an outstanding classical actress, Barbara Brian, who has become a mainstay of the Hartford Stage Company.
Together, \"Sir.
Sloan, in this comedy about moral depravity, is a team of evil temptations.
At the center of the triangle of mutual manipulation is Maxwell Caulfield, who is a deceptive gentleman.
Sloane, a rising London punk.
These three are clever ensembles.
Of the alternative performances on other stages, Bill Raymond\'s performance was the toughest
In the Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street, Ruth marchek\'s \"wrong man\" cooks an amateur sled (598-7150);
Jeffrey Jones\'s \"Send-
At Cloud 9, Lucille Lotter Theatre, 121 Christopher Street \"(924-8782)
, Helen Gallagher and Jane White\'s musical \"I can\'t keep running in place\" at West End Art Theatre, 407 West 43d Street (541-8394)
At South Street Theater, 424 West 42d Street, \"Ah, guys \"(279-4200), respectively.
Dreyfuss connection 1
Act MarathonRichard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray are the other leading actors who are trying out the little stage and have won an Oscar for Goodbye Girl.
Both of them will attend the fourth annual performance of the Ensemble Studio Theater.
The Act marathon starts next Tuesday. Mr.
Dreyfuss will play in Ms. or Tiger and Mr. Shel Silverstein.
Brian mcconatch\'s Murray in drop the tube.
Overall, at the Ensemble Studio Theater at 549 West 52d Street, there will be 13 new characters for the marathon (247-4982).
Many famous shows of the season, off Broadway and Off Broadway, have ended their dates.
Robert Stattel deserves a trophy for his main role in C. S. C.
Daniel Groo should also be recognized in three British and Irish dramas that start with a \"flat boy;
British actress Billy whitello made her debut in \"Mom\" in Samuel Beckett\'s \"Rocky;
Joseph Cheskin in the \"text;
Lindsay Cross repeated his antics at twelve nights and circle\'s Play Company, Childe Byrne, and Richmond Hosie, walter mittish performs in the \"scenery with waiting\" at Robert Pine Ensemble Studio Theater.
Bruce D was also impressed. Schwartz\'s one-
Puppet play \"a large proportion of mice\";
\"Critique\" of Philip Aung Lin\'s painful monologue \";
Mark Ramsey in the Winslow boys;
The entire cast of Barnard Hughes and Beth Henry\'s Crime of the heart in Brian Frier\'s translation is at the Manhattan Theater Club.
If you miss out on these talented actors, maybe it\'s time to catch up with the shows that are still current and notable.
A version of the article appears in print in May 22, 1981, and on page C00001 of the national edition, the title is: the stars appear on the small stage to cast their talents.
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