street lights in cambridgeshire could be back on \'within days\'

by:DGT Lighting     2020-04-27
The street lights that the Cam County Council shut down earlier this year may reopen \"within a few days\" after the motion to withdraw the decision.
On Tuesday, lawmakers voted to overturn the County Council\'s decision on February to turn off and darken street lights across cam County.
Lights that turn off and dim from April may return to normal in a few days.
Cllr Paul Bullen, leader of the Ukip council, said the darkness that affects late shift workers and \"delays\" older people going out may soon end.
\"In theory, once a motion is passed, it becomes the policy of the Council,\" Cllr Bullen said . \".
\"Officials will try to turn the lights back on as soon as possible.
I don\'t know how long it actually takes.
It may take a few days, but the actions of the local government are often very slow.
Cllr Bullen said the lack of street lights became more visible as the night came, and said shift workers and older people had complaints that they were less willing to go out.
He added: \"My personal view is that this will not affect most people, most of them are home and very light.
They had dinner and went to bed. In the morning, the lights were on again.
But it does affect a few people.
Plumbers, electricians, doctors and firefighters.
Cllr Ed Cearns, representing the Cambridge market Ward in the County Council, said the switch-
Off affected people throughout the county and pointed out that the situation in downtown Kansas was even bad, where dim lights made it difficult to ride at night.
Cllr Cearns said: \"I think we might see a detailed review.
I think it affects people in many different ways.
Some of our elderly residents are hesitant to go out at night.
We have seen some people fall down.
\"From ten o\'clock P. M. the lights have darkened.
I had the experience of coming back by bike from Cambridge railway station and even in the city center, visibility dropped significantly.
\"After the switch appeared, a question was raised --
It can be paid from the council preparation fund.
Cllr Cearns said: \"One of my concerns is how we can pay this in the long run.
It cannot come out of reserve all the time.
Cllr Bullen said a group should be set up to look at future lighting policies.
In the long run, led lights will save a lot of money and may be more sustainable, he said.
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