the genius of dmx lighting control software

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-29
DMX lighting control software is a way to intelligently control lighting systems with multiple lighting devices.
They are digitally controlled through the controller.
Lighting equipment used at the top
Stage performance, the opening of the event, etc.
, Is now controlled by the DMX lighting control software.
What exactly does this mean?
To fully understand this, let\'s become more familiar with the exact meaning of DMX.
The abbreviation of DMX means a digital multiplexing.
What exactly is this doing, how is it connected to the number of lighting components in the disco club?
These modern nightclub systems have the following components
DMX lighting control software controller, DMX cable, DMX decoder and lighting equipment or equipment.
Advanced Software sends signals to system components connected to it through 512 different channels.
The lighting equipment works based on the decoder\'s instructions, and the decoder is connected to the DMX lighting control software panel through the DMX cable.
Today, lighting elements can accept instructions from five different channels at the same time.
Let\'s consider an example of a lighting device and learn about this setting.
The DMX lighting software that controls the mobile electrical equipment in the disco may have many functions, such as motion, color and lighting depth, etc.
It sends 512 different signals at a time.
However, let\'s say that the moving light is set to accept signals from channels 17, 18, 19, and 20, where each number corresponds to a component like a move, the number, color, depth of lights that are turned on or off separately, after which the corresponding numbers will only be explained by the digital lighting decoder.
All the remaining channels transmitted through the DMX lighting control software controller are canceled by the decoder installation in the moving light.
The automatic lighting software sends 44 electronic signals per second through all of its 512 channels.
It\'s incredible, isn\'t it?
This software is so complicated.
The lighting carried out in this way provides a wonderful effect, and the visual glory is completely undefined.
The signal transmitted through the DMX lighting cable through 512 channels is called the DMX universe.
When more than 512 channels are needed to operate a particular lighting device or set of devices, one can always enter multiple DMX universes.
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