The importance of a powerboard on your jeep is

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-17

Ideally, a powerboard should be able to hide underneath your truck whenever the doors are closed in order to facilitate complete ground clearance. This ensures that the truck encounters minimum resistance when in motion. The opposite happens when the truck comes to a stop, that is, the powerboard extends outwards to provide a landing for your feet as you alight.

The full length powerboard is the most ideal because it is able to work in a co-ordinated way with the front and the rear doors, availing a landing spot for both the driver and the passenger when stepping off the truck. The boards with an LED device integrated within it make it safe to get on and off the jeep in the dark. The possibility of slipping is quite eminent and this has necessitated manufacturing of boards using extruded aluminium and coated with an ultra-durable powder. The resultant surface is usually rough and safe to land on when alighting. The load capacity on either side of the track could be as high 600lb.

Maintenance of a powerboard is equally important. A good board should feature coated fasteners with the ability to resist corrosion. Attached to the board is usually a pinch-roof technology motor that is an assurance that you have installed a quality and safe accessory. Jeep board extension arms are usually sold separately and they provide an additional 2 inches of height to all lifted trucks. If you own a lifted truck then this could be excellent additional feature to your truck.

The effects of climate and salt to a jeep powerboard are usually devastating. In order to avoid these, the boards are usually sprayed with a tested corrosion resistant spray in order to keep these effects at an arm's length. The need for a good board is usually the ultimate aim of any truck buyer; many sellers such as Bestop are known to offer their clients a complete package consisting of two full length boards, wiring harnesses that are fitted with a controller, a weather-proof motor and hardware as well as an LED light kit. All these accessories make for a complete board that will offer the best service to you as a user.

For more information on the features and utility of these boards check out the bestop offers that are easily available online.

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