The main requirement of lighting or illumination

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-07

Among the most essential and necessary dance floor lighting products is the spotlight. This is a solitary source of intense beam of light that is in particular utilized to highlight a particular area. In most cases these spotlights can be centered on a moving target so as to follow each and every move of the target. Apart from utilizing a solitary spotlight to illuminate a single target a number of such lights may be used to move randomly so that they overlap and make images of lights and shadow. This technique is especially efficient at nightclubs and discos.

Another essential dance floor lighting effect is the multicolor lights. Generally, the most famous technique to create this effect is to use a solitary source of light that goes through various coloured filters to produce the multi-chromatic experience. Furthermore, there exist many color lighting products that create multi color lighting (as many as a maximum of three colours) by utilizing LED lights and without the requirement of filter systems and manual intervention. Using these color lights, it is possible to tweak the look and feel of the dance floor at your will.

Another essential dance floor lighting alternative is the strobe lights. These lights are commonly color lights and can be used to produce patterns over the dance floor. These strobe lights can be usually utilized in addition to the other lighting effects like the laser lights and the disco ball and with other effects like smoke etc. The color lights along with multiple pin point showers can be utilized to produce the color rain effect. Hence, it is obvious here that the options available with dance floor lighting are unlimited and with a good imagination and some research you can create your own special lighting effects for the dance floor.

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