the pros of using led lights and bulbs

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-24
Thomas Alva Edison, a great inventor and scientist, once said: \"We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will choose to light the candle.
\"Electricity has gone through different stages of revolution, and the greatest revolution is the invention of LED lights and bulbs.
Traditional lights and bulbs that are still in use have been criticized a lot.
They fuse easily, with low efficiency and short service life.
This brings a lot of problems to productivity and cost.
A major problem with incandescent lamps and bulbs is that they expire without any prior warning.
This means that if we don\'t have time to spare, we will be left in the dark.
This is not the case with LED lights and bulbs.
They have a long life span, but even if something goes wrong, the brightness of these lights and bulbs is reduced, not completely extinguished.
LED lights and bulbs have been well received by industrialists and consumers alike.
These lights and bulbs emit brighter light than incandescent lamps.
They are particularly useful in commercial and industrial installations.
Another form of lighting that is losing importance is the fluorescent lamp.
These lights contain toxic elements. mercury.
If any damage occurs to the lamp, or even cracks, it poses a significant threat to people near the bulb.
We all know how harmful it would be if Mercury were released in the atmosphere.
LED lights and bulbs do not pose any threat as they do not use any toxic elements in the building.
Have you tried putting your hands near an incandescent lamp or fluorescent bulb?
There will be a very hot feeling on your hand.
This is because LED lights and bulbs generate a lot of heat that should actually be used to convert into light energy.
On the other hand, LED lights and bulbs are cool when touching.
This makes them suitable for children.
LEDs are also durable for thermal shock.
They are not as fragile as conventional lights and bulbs or fluorescent lamps.
These lights also prove their effectiveness in decoration.
You can decorate your house or your vehicle with them.
The LED light strip can be used today to decorate the car.
These light bars not only make your vehicle look good, but also help to avoid accidents in the dark.
LEDs are available on the market and can be purchased easily.
You can also purchase LED lights and bulbs online and choose from a wide variety of lights.
This kind of lighting can not only satisfy your lighting purpose, but also help to beautify the environment.
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