LED Track Light

Track lights are generally used in commercial places such as clothing stores, retail stores, supermarkets, etc. 

supermarkets and other places.Compared to recessed lights,track lights can be installed on the corresponding track rail, so they can be flexible.

The power of our DGT track lights can be 10W to 45W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide. Track adapters can be selected according to the market and requirements of single phase/2 phase /3 phase . More, Triac, 0-10V DALI dimming functions or remote control for track lights are available.

LED Downlight

LED downlights are widely applied in hotels, shopping malls, homes, etc. 

The installation method of LED downlight is embedded. The power of our DGT downlight products ranges from 5W to 50W, which can meet most indoor requirements.

Meanwhile, we provide COB downlights and SMD downlights with different powers and sizes, which can be adapted to the different requirements from customers.

LED Spotlight

LED spotlights are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, etc. 

The installation method of LED spotlight is recessed. There are many types of DGT spotlights, with power ranging from 5W to 50W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide.

In order to improve the comfort of the light,many of the DGT spotlights use anti-glare and black light technology to reduce glare and protect eyes.

LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights can be used in shopping malls, offices and clothing stores, etc.  

Ceiling lights can be installed on the surface of ceilings, which making the installation methods more flexible. The power of our LED ceiling spotlights ranges from 5W to 50W. The beam angle can be selected from narrow/medium/wide.

LED MR16 Lamp

LED MR16 light sources are most widely used LED lighting products worldwide which can be used in any general indoor place. 

They are mainly used to replace other MR16 light sources, such as MR16 metal halide lamps. The LED MR16 light lamp has a longer life than the traditional MR16 light source and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

These LED MR16 light sources can match with the MR16 fittings,so it is easy to keep current MR16 trim and to use LED MR16 lamps.

MR16 Fixture

MR16 fitting can match MR16 light source. DGT has variety of lighting fitxure of MR16, such as   fixed/adjustable/deep hole anti-glare ones.

Also, they can be made in different styles and patterns. Our MR16 outer ring roughly has openings φ65mm/φ75mm/φ90mm. More, there are also 1 head/2 heads/3 heads/4 heads MR16 trim.

Who are the world’s largest lighting companies?

General Electric (GE), Philips, and Panasonic Corporation are three big names in the lighting industries in the world. Their headquarters are in the United States, Netherlands, and Japan respectively.

General Electric (GE) has served customers all over the world with its subsidiaries, such as GE Digital, GE Power, and GE Renewable Energy. Their more than 168,000 employees are ready to provide the best products and services relating to the lighting aspects.

This United States-based company has recently announced its plan to divide itself into three companies on November 9, 2021. In doing so, they focus on creating the best lighting products for their worldwide customers. Their China lighting collections are no exception.

Philips’ headquarter is in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. They currently have around 81,592 employees who are ready to serve their customers all around the world. Their worldwide presence lets them expand their presence across the country, including China.


Philips’ China lighting factories are in Shenzhen and Nanjing, with around 13 factories in total. Their cost leadership strategy has successfully made them create economically-priced incandescent light bulbs in China. Their energy-efficiency solutions are also unparallelled when we compare them with other companies.

Third, Panasonic Corporation is a Japan-based electronic company, whose 250,000+ employees can produce a wide range of electronic devices. 


Some of their lighting products include LED lights for panels, LED light fixtures, and B22 and E27 lamp bases. At some points, they also produce and provide services for LED lights’ wirings. Above all, most people recognize the durability of Panasonic products, including in China.

Is it true that most lighting products are made in China?

Yes! China is not only the heaven of economically-priced products. Nor that it has the most numbers of people in the country that it virtually becomes the world’s leader.

Instead, China has also been the leader in renewable energy industries since 2013. Their primary desires to secure the country’s energy uses are what drive them to purchase raw materials that support such visions. More specifically, China’s renewable energy purposes are to reduce air pollution and to regulate the in-country climates.


China’s stringent environmental rules are proof that its energy products are environmentally-friendly. Their environmental regulations are even stricter than in the United States. Furthermore, many academic journals have discussed the environmental rules’ applications in China and regarded them as disciplined enough.


Indeed, most LED downlights, spotlights, track lights, MR16 lamps, and many other lamp products, are made in China. The China lighting products are far more economically-priced than products from lighting manufacturers outside China. Most of the time, people get 50% lesser prices when they buy LED lights from China.


However, the lumens, brightness, and other aspects are decent when we compare them with other countries’ lighting product manufacturers. Their lighting colors are also more vivid and have wider ranges of gradations that we can choose from.


Many of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers also have their factories in China. Most of the successful China lighting manufacturers are in Zhejiang,JiangSu, Guangdong,etc.

Nonetheless, China is one of the world’s central business development places. Hence, it’s not rare for a lighting manufacturer in China to distribute the products worldwide. Such things include the mass productions of LED lighting that become one of China’s lighting companies’ specialties. Our company, DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., is one of those companies.

The First Point: Completing the supply chain in China to let the customers purchase the majority of lighting products

We can say that the supply chain processes in China are comparable to other developed countries. Not only does China have the most people in the country, but its workers are also extremely diligent.


The Chinese workers’ diligence results in several decent things. For instance, the word “super productivity” becomes their middle name due to the extremely high productivity numbers. Not stopping there, Chinese manufacturers are the masters of mass production-related supply chains.


China lighting products are no exception. The supply chain processes in most lighting manufacturers in China usually depend on the customer’s requests. From there, the engineers determine which raw materials they need for assembling the China lighting products.


As a whole, customers can request urban functional lighting, industrial and commercial lighting, and domestic lighting. The first category is for public infrastructures like roads and railways, while the last category is for houses, shopping malls, and other closed spaces.


For those purposes, the supply chains focus on the materials versus the budgets that the customers have mentioned. For example, any China lighting products with gold wires are more expensive than the ones with alloy wires. The same thing also goes for the copper-framed Chinese lighting versus the iron-framed lighting products.

The Second Point: Producing the high-quality and decent-priced products through work efficiency, advanced equipment, and thorough supply chains

Some people are willing to spend more money on decent-quality products from China lighting manufacturers. These people need to know that the combination of advanced equipment and thorough supply chain processes realizes their requirements. 


Many times, the employees’ work efficiency also plays part in designing high-quality China LED lighting products. So, it is the combination of these three things that make LED lighting companies in China able to fulfill customers’ requirements.


Many lighting shopping malls and expos in China can provide us with references to how advanced the equipment is. Guangzhou’s lighting expos in Canton Fair are normally held on the 15th-19th of April and October is one example. 


Some other examples include the Star Alliance Lighting Center in Guzhen and Shunde International Lighting City on the opposite road from Sunlink North Furniture Malls in Foshan. Attending these LED light shopping malls and expos let us know each city and province’s specialty in producing a high-quality China LED lamp product.


Some of the examples are Jiangsu and Shanghai, two regions in China that you can refer to for advanced equipment in LED accessories. Another example would be the various types of lighting fixtures in Zhejiang.


Certifications also play crucial parts in helping a company to produce high-quality China lighting products. Some LED certifications in China include CE, RoHS, TUV, and certifications from the Chinese government. China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for lighting products is a LED certification from the Chinese government.

The Third Point: Most Chinese LED manufacturers supply both decent products and top-notch services

Many Chinese lighting products, or LED manufacturers in China, can balance between products and services. In doing so, these China lighting companies break the myth that stated it is impossible to excel in both the cost leadership and differentiation strategies.


First of all, most of the China lighting products’ price ranges are around 30-50% cheaper than in other countries. There are also options for ordering samples before placing bulk orders, which make the China lighting prices even more economical.


Today, many Chinese companies have reached the e-commerce markets. We can even say that their high e-commerce market presence lets them cooperate with different payment gates and shipping companies. The cooperation results in more budget-friendly prices and more convenient ways to pay.


Most China lighting companies accept Maestro and JCB cards as the primary payment methods. Today, many world-class companies partnered with China lighting companies in their supply chain processes. As a result of the expanding world ranges, the company should be able to accept payment from PayPal and Visa cards.

The results from China’s expanding e-commerce presence don’t stop in their payment processes. Many Chinese companies that sell LED lamps can ship the products through express, air, and sea means. Many of these companies also partner with DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx, and other shipment companies with different per kilogram prices.


DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. is one of those companies. Our LED lamp prices are 30-50% cheaper than our other competitors’. We also accept Maestro, JCB, Visa, and PayPal as our payment methods. In addition, we often ship around the country with our shipment partners like DHL and FedEx.


We always use business emails for our correspondence to make our customers safe. Even so, we also use e-mails, WhatsApp, or Skype to follow up with our customers regarding the products.


For instance, we normally ship before the 30th day. We will inform our customers through our business e-mails and WhatsApp or Skype if there are any shipment delays.

Can I buy lights in China?

Yes, surely! Many people choose to buy lights through China LED lighting manufacturers because of the competitive prices. The options for OEM and ODM manufacturing techniques also make lighting products from China even more considerable.


Both OEM and ODM have relations to the mass production techniques that place the creator company as the designers. The OEM option is when the designing companies design and mass-produce their products. Then, they let their customers sell their products using the customers’ names under their licenses.


On the other hand, the ODM option is when the designing companies only design the concepts. Then, the customers use their chosen raw materials to design the products according to the concepts. After that, the customers sell the products under the customers’ brand names.


Many people and companies acknowledge that lighting manufacturers in China are masters in both OEM and ODM techniques. In addition to the super-productivity as their middle name, China lightingcompanies can also provide many LED lighting products.


More specifically, we will see the different LED products in our company over the next part of this FAQ.


What lights Can I buy from China?

MR16 lamps are the most common LED lamps we can see in China lighting companies. Our company, DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., also receives more MR16 lamp orders than other lamp types.


It is because most closed spaces like houses and shopping malls need MR16 lamps. Their wide power ranges and their abilities to save more energy make many business and house owners order these lamps. In DGT Lighting, you will find out that most MR16 lamps have around 5-17 Watt as the power ranges.


We also acknowledge other types of lamps. The closest variation to MR16 lamps is the AR111 type, with different fixtures and light-emitting abilities. Next, there are LED ceiling lights and track lights that some people tie with the AR111 lamps. 


LED downlight and spotlight are yet other two different China lighting product collections you can see in DGT Lighting. People use LED downlights in corridors and guest rooms for key lighting purposes. Meanwhile, LED spotlights (or China spotlighting products) are for emphasize television walls, hanging pictures, and decorations.

We can release or place our orders conveniently through DGT Lighting Co. Ltd.

Innovation and win-win solutions are two things that become our motto in DGT Lighting. In doing so, we make it convenient for you to place your orders. Once you find and click the button in our website, you will be ready to list your requirements.

From there, our engineers and R&D teams will work together in assembling the China lighting products. Our more than 150 employees will assist in the process while we assemble the LED products inside our assembly sites.

People inside and outside China has consistently praised the super levels of productivity in our assembly sites. We also use the most advanced production equipment in our workshops. Almost all of the equipment we use are automatic instead of manual.

Such numbers of automation lets us to complete your orders on time. All you need to do is just rest comfortably and wait for further follow-ups from us (if any).

What are the types of lighting products we can buy in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd.?

We’ve handled customers from different backgrounds for more than 30 years. Most of our customers are from lighting backgrounds, such as lighting designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, and construction companies.


These customers need our lighting products for different purposes. Offices and banquet centers often become the central focus of our customers. At some points, our customers also want to design lighting products for shopping malls, supermarkets, and other stores.


The diversity of possible places is what drives us to accommodate their needs for the best China lighting products. So, you can expect to find more than three types of products in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd.


More precisely, our products consist of LED downlights, China spotlighting products, track lights, and surface-mounted lights. We also sell fixtures for different China lighting products, including the most common MR16 types.


As a company that has “Unity, Innovation, and Win-Win” as our motto, we always think that our customers’ satisfaction comes first. Hence, our engineering teams are also providing you with after-sale services that won’t disappoint you.

The primary purpose of LED downlight products is to act as key lighting. These lighting products are suitable for any spaces with low ceiling installations. Their mountings are also among the most convenient to execute.

Such spaces are common in Chinese environment settings. Houses, small-sized supermarkets and stores, and some offices are some rooms that need LED downlights the most. Our LED downlight products consist of different power ranges to accommodate such room’s needs. Some of our downlight lamps even have certifications like IP44.

The PC LED SMD downlight lamps are some of our best-selling Chinese lamp products. These lamps have manageable sizes and their powers range between 5-10Watt. The square cutouts can even have 10 Watt powers, such as the LED COB downlights with an MQ-7330 type.

LED spotlight products are different than their downlight counterparts in ways that their installation places are higher. As for China lighting products, LED spotlights are more frequent in the central business districts of the capital city.


We don’t stop shipping our China spotlight products to the capital city. Instead, we also make sure there are different colors of light that our spotlight products emit. In doing so, our LED spotlights help to highlight the sides of a room.


One of the examples of our LED spotlight product is the 40W surface-mounted LED spotlight MX-7105. 


The 25W surface-mounted LED MX-7632 is the more economically-priced LED spotlight product, with similar abilities to emit strobe lights. Alternatively, products like 2*7W recessed LED spotlights MQ-2107 also exist to give more colorful and lively vibrations to a building.

LED track lights are almost similar to LED spotlights since their installation places are often high. Nonetheless, they often need longer wires.


In our China lighting factory in DGT Lighting, we know three primary types of LED track adapters. Those three types are the 2-wire 1-phase, 3-wire 2-phase, and 4-wire 3-phase. All of these adapters connect to the relevant track rails when our engineer teams install them.


The 15W LED COB track light MD-5311 is the most economical version of our available LED track lights. Most of our customers opt for either the 25W COB track light MD-5313 or the 35W LED track light MD-5314.


We also sell customizable LED track lights. In other words, track light products like the dimmable LED track light MD-5315 have different installations than other similar products. Their price and power ranges are identical even though their shapes are slightly different.

The LED spotlight products dominate the surface-mounted light collections in DGT Lighting. It is because our engineers often mount the surface-mounted lights on higher ceilings.

Another noteworthy thing about surface-mounted lights is that they often use more power. The 50W surface-mounted LED spotlight MX-7125 is one example. At some points, these surface-mounted China lighting products can also have fixed, adjustable, or trimless settings.


The 40W surface-mounted LED spotlight MX-7105 is the surface-mounted light type that we recommend to substitute for the MX-7125 type. It has a slightly lower power usage and more visible parts of wiring installations. 


Alternatively, there are also the more economical MX-7120 and MX-7632 types. Each of these China lighting product types has a power limit of 30 Watt and 25 Watt respectively.

The MR16 LED lamps become our best-selling lamps for their low power consumption. More precisely, their power consumptions are around 7-14W.


Some examples of the MR16 lamps we sell include the 7W LED MR16 lamp ML-8062 and the 10W MR16 LED COB lamp ML-8092. The ML-8095 lamp is the upgraded version of ML-8062 with double-watt consumption. We also sell dimmable MR16 lights, including the ML-8316 Chinese lights.


We don’t stop selling our best-seller MR16 lights. Our competent and highly experienced engineers can also assemble the fittings for your MR16 lamps. We will discuss the fittings in the next part of this article.

Our engineers and R&D teams can concept the fittings’ sizes according to your requests. So far, the MR16 fittings’ sizes we’ve handled include the 65, 75, and 90mm cutouts. There are also options for fixed, adjustable, and anti-glare fittings that you can choose from.


Aluminum is the raw material we frequently use for our MR16 fitting products. The MQ-1170 fittings are some of our China lighting products that use aluminum as the primary material. We also sell other types of MR16 fitting, such as the anti-glare MQ-1128 fittings.


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