this fashion show throws spotlight on plus size women

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-24
We are used to watching baseball.
At fashion week, we rarely see big models who are treated with the same stars.
Recently, large models from the cities of Delhi and northern India took part in a beauty contest in Punjab province showing fashion.
They have a beaming face on their faces, and their body language is positive. This is a picture of self-confidence and pride.
It\'s like they\'re laughing at those.
Most fashion shows year after year recognize the lofty standards of height, body building and fair skin tone.
A few weeks before the event, many of these models were not sure if they would attend.
Obstacles like parental retention and social apathy are growing.
But they found hope in the choreographer Hardeep Arora, who is organizing a 2017-yard MS in North India.
Hardeep, who spoke about his experience, said: \"When I met a talented contestant with a waist of 37, I was a member of the judging panel of the Punjab Lady pageant.
She has all the winning qualities of the model, but she is unable to become famous due to the size limit of 34.
When she left disappointed, I felt that something serious needed to be done about it.
I also have overweight ladies at home and have never been embarrassed by them.
So why do we keep the talented models of different sizes away from the ramp?
\"As a designer, celebrity power hardeep had his problems and he was persuaded to come to Chandigarh and stay away.
\"50 women participated in the audition.
Their families are reluctant because they think people will laugh at them.
So they need time to make up their minds.
Hardeep found a supporter in the famous British Asian queen model Bishamber Das, who encouraged him to continue holding beauty contests for the Queen model.
\"To convince reluctant applicants, we showed Bishamber\'s video in which she explained how big women overcame their fears and how they appeared gracefully and stylishly on the ramp
Now Bishamber has a huge fan on social media, \"Hardeep said.
Things are gradually improving as people realize that this beauty contest is a chance to knock on the door.
\"Some applicants in Delhi sent us a preview of their video.
\"We didn\'t specify any ideal measurement methods because we are promoting their dimensions,\" Hardeep said . \".
40 women from theater, media and other professions took part in activities to showcase ethnic and western costumes.
\"The final exceeded our expectations;
It received an overwhelming response.
The show succeeded in changing the impression that people are lazy and not eating well.
On the contrary, they also have the passion to pursue their passion and make their dreams come true.
PleaseSilky Chopra, a public relations consultant, recalled, \"people of normal size like the soft Chopra, because of her size, she has given up the fashion of attending the drama, and I graduatedI felt ashamed.
Now, we have brands in the production of fashion clothing in larger sizes. I love my size.
Happiness is to be yourself, not to worry about your size.
Associate member of the Indian fashion design committee, Couturier Poonam Bhagat (FDCI)
She said there must be a mix of regular models and big models for fashion week.
\"Nine of my clothes are worn by women of large sizes.
She said: \"plus the size of the model looks better in clothes that fit her body.
\"We can put them on the ramp with the normal ones, but not in the quirky design.
Plus the size model needs to look good in clothes.
\"Once we give them that respect on the ramp, then more customers will be able to connect with the designer\'s product,\" she said . \".
At lehenga on the ramp, the society accepted apurva Suman, plus a model of body that looked radiant, saying: \"Those three days were fantastic;
They made me feel like a model.
I learned how to have a positive outlook.
Someone will always be better.
It looks better than you, but it doesn\'t make you less.
Another thing I learned is not to skip breakfast and eat the right amount of food.
I have never been hungry myself.
\"During her career, senior fashion expert Rita gunwani held a workshop for the Queen size model for the first time.
It is to give them confidence on the stage and enhance their personality.
\"These models have been humiliated before and they are really worried that people won\'t accept them.
I told them that my lack of height did not prevent me from becoming a positive person.
I also directed them to make eye contact and interaction with the audience.
The focus is on the right color, makeup, correct body language.
Illusion dressing is also recommended.
Rita pleaded with Indian designers to make costumes for large size women, saying: \"Now these girls are buying imported clothing.
We need double XL and three XL Western style clothes in our market.
Not all people like to buy saris that help cover up big body women.
\"Designers like Shruti Sancheti are a staunch supporter of holding special programs for large size women, and they say,\" while making costumes, I make sure they are suitable for women with all kinds of waist sizes.
Like other women, plus the size of the woman, wearing and endorsement of my clothes.
\"It\'s easy to make a skinny fashion model look good, but if an average person looks good, it\'s an achievement for me,\" she concluded . \".
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