tips for storing light bulbs | ehow

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-15
Bulbs need to be kept properly.Their glass structure makes it easy for heavy objects to break when they are placed on top or when the bulb drops.Whether you have incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, this storage method is the same when you need it and can make the lights available at any time.Wrap each bulb in a newspaper or paper towel.
Place a single incandescent lamp or compact fluorescent bulb into each space of a cardboard beverage holder or decorative box.Not only can these containers prevent damage, they can also separate the bulbs.Place fluorescent bulbs in empty wrapping paper tubes to protect them.
If decorative boxes are used, close and seal with packing tape.Put a piece of cardboard on the beverage container to cover the bulb.Mark the container with internal bulb type and wattage.
Write \"fragile\" on the label and place it on the bulb container.Store the bulbs in a cool and dry place and do not pile up other boxes on top
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