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by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-24
Nowadays, LED technology is replacing traditional lighting technology.If you are also planning to replace a traditional fluorescent bulb with your own LED light, then here are some important tips that will help you, you will be able to replace your traditional lighting system with LED lights.Nowadays, LED downlights have become the cutting edge of any home lighting system, usually traditional CFLs and fluorescent lamps.The luminous intensity of LED lights is very low.As a result, these lights allocate more light in all directions than ordinary and traditional lights.The glare intensity of these lights is also lower than the normal traditional lights.These lamps are durable and consume less energy, so it is better for them to save costs because they can save electricity and also replace them after a period of time.This means that these lamps produce less harmful elements such as toxic mercury.There is also no need to change your complete wire system as you can install these lights with simple modifications.So if you are going to change the lighting system in your home, you have to use the LED light as your new lighting system.Here are some simple ways to install these lights.When you replace the old traditional lighting system with LED lights, you will see that there are three main components, the starter, the ballast and the tube lamp, which you have to remove.You will see that the starter is not a separate component most of the time, but is built into the ballast.Remove the old tube lights and bulbs from the fixture and when you do, make sure the main switch or power is off.In all of these processes you need some simple tools such as wires, knives, screwdrivers, stripping machines, some bolts and nuts, so when you go through this process, put these toolsWhen you have removed the old traditional bulb, the reflector covering the wires and ballast is now removed.It is simple and easy to disassemble, if it has a screw then you can remove it with a screwdriver, otherwise just pull it with the help of stripping.Now remove the ballast and starter if the ballast and starter are separate.The ballast has two screws to fix it, simply loosen them and remove them from the fixture with the help of a screwdriver.The wires may also be removed during this process, so connect them in the fixture to complete the circuit.You have almost finished the task, now fix the reflector on the isplace in the fixture and insert the LED light into the socket.Make sure the LED light is inserted from top to bottom, and if the two ends cannot be identified, ask for help from the LED tube lamp manual provided by the manufacturer.
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