Who are the top 10 LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in the world?

First of all, let us look at the top 10 LED companies in the world. Later on, we’ll see how these largest lighting companies in the world collaborate with Chinese-based suppliers.

1. Samsung

With the vast amounts of electronic appliances worldwide, it’s no doubt that people will instantly know Samsung by its name.


We can even refer to this best-LED lighting company as the pioneer of smart lighting products. The totality of educating the customers to know the automated light bulb versus Wi-Fi connections is one of the things that makes it become one of the major lighting manufacturers in the world.

2. Osram

This China LED manufacturer is one of the most well-known companies in the world with lots of presence in Asian markets, including but not limited to China. Osram’s light colors tend to be on the softer side and their price ranges are generally reasonable.

3. Philips

For us, this brand is the alternative to Samsung’s smart technologies. This best-LED lighting company also sells different LED bulbs and tubes that fulfill the needs of light bulb manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and many more all over the world.  Philips has a specialization in producing environmentally friendly lamp products with highly varied color gradations.

4. GE Lighting

Saving energies and being durable are two primary characteristics of all GE Lighting products. So, their LED bulbs, fixtures, and other anatomies are safe to use and support smart technologies, too. Recently, in 2015, GE Lighting launched a startup named Current that helps it to control various lighting products and technologies.


5. Cree

Cree is one of the largest lighting companies in the world to apply high-intensity settings to their products. Some of their products are the C-Lite, KR, and ESA lamps that we can use in indoor or outdoor settings. The products from Cree can operate well under high temperatures and voltages while maintaining extremely low electricity uses.

6. Acuity Brands

When we hear about the names like Juno, Indy, or Holophane in the light supplier world, we would think about Acuity Brands, one of the world’s major lighting manufacturers. This brand is also the pioneer of several LED technologies, including the solid-state lamps that we can integrate with smart controls and the OLED technologies.

7. Nichia

Nichia is one of the top 10 LED companies in the world to be the pioneer of nitride-based blue and white-colored lamp products in 1993. We can see their innovation’s fruition in the general lighting and display lighting fields. Until now, they become specialists in producing lights for displaying and backlighting purposes.

8. Seoul Semiconductor

This one of the top 10 LED companies belongs to the best lighting company for so many reasons. First, it owns more than 12,000 LED-related patents, which shows its relentless dedication to researching and developing the best lighting products.


Then, Seoul Semiconductor is particularly famous for its SunLike technology that has purple-colored light chips, which are different from the blue-colored chips that we frequently recognize in other similar companies.

9. Everlight Electronics

The LED bulb and tube products from Everlight produce super-bright lightings that are similar to natural sunlight. This thing makes Everlight becomes one of the world’s most recognized light manufacturers. Some of the products include the COB lights and horticulture LEDs that are applicable for stores with some areas of outdoor farms.


10. Best Lighting Products

We refer to this company as the unsung hero in the light manufacturer’s world, since this company offers lots of world-class lighting products with guaranteed safety.


Best Lighting Product’s engineering and manufacturing facility are in Guangdong, and their Guangdong workers are especially great at providing OEM services for lighting suppliers all over the world.

Who are the top 10 lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China?

Now, let us look at the lists of ten major Chinese players in the suppliers and manufacturers world. The below-mentioned top 10 names frequently participate in many Chinese light products exhibitions and lighting malls. Here are these names:

1. NVC Lighting Technology Corporation

People will usually seek NVC Lighting when they look for LED light bulbs in China with decorative purposes as the primary purpose.

Indeed, this Huizhou-based corporation is well-known for its decorative indoor lighting products that have both architectural and aesthetical values. Until now, they have more than 2,000 brand stores in more than 30 countries.

2. Opple Lighting Manufacturer

Opple is a close competitor to Foshan Lighting due to its characteristics of being the wholesaler of LED light bulbs in China and other similar supportive tools.


However, this Zhongshan-based company has more emphasis on their Research and Development (R&D) departments, which makes them focus relentlessly on their product’s quality. Like Foshan Lighting, we can see lots of spotlight products from Opple Lighting Manufacturer.

3. TCL Very Lighting

This Huizhou-based lighting manufacturer is a subsidiary of TCL Corporation (or TCL Technology), which is also located in the same city. Even though this lighting manufacturer is relatively-newly-established in 2000, we can say that TCL Very Lighting is one of the pioneers in energy-saving lamp products.


TCL Very Lighting doesn’t only sell LED bulbs, light products for solar streets, and many other products. Instead, they also ensure their product safety through several internationally-recognized qualifications.

4. Woojong Lighting

When we see the Alibaba Group tag in Woojong Lighting, we will immediately picture a world-class Chinese LED light parts supplier. Indeed, Woojong Lighting has sold several LED products online and offline. Their coverage includes more than 230 countries all over the world, with reliability and high quality as their key strengths.


They are among China’s largest lighting companies to apply smart technologies to their lamp products. Their lamps are also compatible with home, industrial, and office usage.

5. Topstar Lighting Manufacturer

We have Xiamen’s Topstar as the number five company in the list of the best-LED light parts suppliers and manufacturers in China. Topstar is one of the companies we’d frequently see in Chinese lighting expos and shopping malls due to their energy-saving products for indoor and outdoor purposes. Their lamps are also excellent for commercial and industrial purposes.

6. Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co. Ltd. (Foshan Lighting)

Foshan Lighting, a wholesale LED lights manufacturer based in North Fenjiang Road, Foshan, consistently appears as Chinese’s top 10 lighting manufacturers and suppliers for some reasons.


The most evident comparative advantage of Foshan Lighting over its rivals is that its LED bulbs and spotlights are ideal for residential uses. Their total area of production is 2,343,000 square meters, which is considered wide enough for factories in the country.

7. Yeelight

Established in 2012, Yeelight becomes one of China’s best lighting manufacturers. They have the CE, CB, and TISI certifications for ensuring their product safety. What’s more, is that sales for Amazon Alexa, OK Google, and other smart technologies, are more convenient when we make a deal with this Qingdao-based company.

8. Klite

This Chinese LED light bulb manufacturer and supplier is like us, as this manufacturing company is also located in Zhejiang. Until now, they have two factories in Haining and one factory in Ningbo to produce several types of lamps, drivers, and fixtures. They also provide some of the best OEM and ODM services for different companies in China.

9. Wellmax

This Shanghai-based company is one of the China LED lighting suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers that cooperate closely with Samsung. They are also among Chinese light bulb suppliers that have strong R&D teams.


Their engineering teams are not only highly-experienced but also work in a non-dust environment. As a result, they earn so many achievements from the local government. “Shanghai Famous Exporting Enterprise” and “AAA Enterprise” are two awards from Shanghai Customs that they have.

10. Yankon Energetic Lighting Co. Ltd

The capacities in producing more than one billion LED bulbs make this Xiamen-based LED light bulb manufacturer becomes one of the top 10 lighting manufacturers in China. Their LED light production processes are also top-notch since their lamps don’t tend to flicker.


Yankon has several production facilities that make it become the top 10 best lighting manufacturers in China. For example, it has a unique aging room for conducting the aging testing steps of its lamps.

11. DGT lighting Co.,Ltd

DGT lighting Co.,Ltd as a professional indoor commercial lighting manufacturer,

we also have certifications from the government body. Right now, the Zhejiang-made Quality Certificate is the government certification we have.


We are also a council member of the China Association of Lighting Industry and you can easily find us in several Chinese and Hong Kong light expos and various lighting shopping malls in China. Furthermore, our teams make it easy for you to pre-consult your orders and provide after-sales services as much as you’d need.

Is it true that all light fixtures are made in China?

No. Even though we trust that this country is the home base for creating high-quality LED light bulb products from China for everyone, we should tell the truth here that all countries are capable of producing fixtures for their lamp products.

When we look back to the previous top 10 world’s LED companies listed above, we’ll see that most of them are headquartered outside China. Many of them produce lighting equipment in their respective countries, and China is just one of the countries where these companies are producing their fixtures.


After re-evaluating the answer to this question and matching it with the reality in the field, we might ponder things concerning the safety of Chinese lamp products, including the equipment. So, we will proceed in answering the question about LED light bulbs in China in the next section.

Is it true that Chinese LED bulbs (and other lighting equipment) are safe to use?

Yes. Lighting products from China are not only economical, but they are also safe to use. It applies particularly to our company, DGT Lighting Co. Ltd.


Here, our pride in being one of the best lamp bulb manufacturer companies in China stems from many things. First, we established our LED production services more than 30 years ago. Since then and up until now, we’ve kept our promises to deliver high-quality light bulbs from China.

As our customers, you can see through our official website that there are lots of certifications that indicate our product’s safety. CE and TUV are two internationally-recognized certifications for safety uses in electronic products, including our wide product ranges.


DGT Lighting has also passed the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems. Our company has also obtained the Zhejiang-made Quality Certificate for our products. Our workers are also regularly working with high-tech equipment and tools under rigorous supervision and quality checks, which further ensures the safety of our products.

These entire certifications things, followed by our commitments to customers and the work environments we offer for our workers, make us certain that our Chinese lamp products are indeed safe to use. So, don’t worry about purchasing LED lamps and equipment from us.

How can you ensure you’ve purchased from professional LED manufacturers and suppliers?

As with other businesses, communication is the key when you make deals with any company, including LED lighting suppliers.

While researching on your own is equally important (for example, you may research the product certification, quality control systems, production equipment, return policies, and the like), it is when you meet up with the company’s representatives that you can be sure you are dealing and buying from a truly-professional manufacturer or supplier.

Remember: You may have to meet up with the representatives from at least two departments several times. It is to make sure they are the LED supplier and manufacturer you’ve been looking for. 

The more transparent the companies are about their production facilities and ways of producing their lamps and other equipment, the more likely you can trust them. A professional LED manufacturer or supplier will also most likely give thorough advice about what lamps to use, and we are among those manufacturers and suppliers.

Why should you choose DGT Lighting over other lighting companies?

LED products are increasingly becoming more popular due to their vibrant color, convenient installation, and extremely low electric consumption.


Today, the bulbs are everywhere which makes many customers feel convenient enough to replace them. It is also convenient for the end-users to seek the fixtures that many light parts supplier companies are selling.

Such the products’ advantages are the triggers for many importers to do repeat orders from their favorite LED bulb manufacturers. The world-class suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors today are opening their country and city-specific branches to attract customers who need any lighting manufacturing services.

DGT Lighting Co.,Ltd more-than-30-year-old establishment age means we have enough experience as an industrial LED light supplier to produce decent-quality lighting products

Right now, you can browse some of our best-selling products, including downlights, spotlights, track lights, and many more. As the LED product supplier, we also sell fixtures for MR16 lamps, which are some of the most commonly ordered and used LED products.

We have the unique spirit of “Unity, Innovation, and Win-Win” as our company’s motto. The collaboration between our engineering and R&D teams represents the “Unity” aspect of serving our customers.

Next, we see the “Innovation” aspect through our consistently-praised production facilities. Almost all of our factory equipment and tools are automated, which further strengthens the “Innovation” word. After that, “Win-Win” is not only all about our certifications. Our stringent commitment to quality also represents the “Win-Win” aspect.

Quality Control

When you see the “Certificates and Honors” part on our homepage, you’ll see that we’ve obtained more than ten different certifications. Three of those certifications are ISO-related, which guarantees our reputation as a LED bulb supplier.

ISO 9001 is a certification of the quality management system, and we’ve been trying hard to maintain our reputation of obtaining this certification. In our hiring processes, we make sure that only high-experienced and high-skilled experts are on our teams.

Currently, we have more than 150 well-trained employees in our facilities. They have keen eyes for detecting the incoming materials and making sure they fit our standard operating procedures. The supervisors are there to monitor the quality control processes before we ship our lighting products to our customers.

Our teams also can provide reasonable solutions regarding lighting products from China. In addition, we have everything in our guidebooks, from our one-of-a-kind inspection facilities to our processes in determining the aging times.

Extensive operational experiences in dealing with lighting customers

Our company is already 30 years old and over. Also, our production facilities’ areas are 20,000 square meters, which is the standard of Chinese’s world-class manufacturers’ facilities. Up until now, we already have more than 150 personnel as our employees.

We’ve handled LED products for most of our customers all around China since our inception. Our customers include lighting wholesalers, designers, importers, and distributors with any Chinese region as their headquarters and branches.

When you see our major clients’ profiles, you’ll see that most of them are in the lighting industry. So, it also shows our extensive experience in dealing with customers.

These entire things: Years of establishment, production areas in square meters, the personnel amounts, and the capability in handling various lighting-based clients, are the things that you can refer to as having extensive operational experiences.

The consistently-praised production facilities and equipment

Our one-of-a-kind inspection machine is one of the things that make us unique. That part also shows our commitment to delivering lighting manufacturing services for our clients. Furthermore, people outside our company have consistently praised our production facilities.

The LED light production equipment we use to assuring our product’s quality includes the integrating sphere, the temperature rise tester, and high-temperature ovens. We also own other testing equipment in our high-tech testing laboratory.

We also regularly deploy our well-trained employees into advanced workshop facilities. The assembly workshops are the primary points here, with at least five full-automatic assembly lines. The assembly lines along with the varied testing equipment are the things that boost our capacities in meeting the order requirements.

The availability of OEM/ODM services

Most people recognize China’s industrial LED light supplier companies for their extensive OEM/ODM services. These two services also become some of our specialties. What’s more, is that we base our OEM/ODM services according to our company’s strict work ethics.

We launch new products every year, which the products must fulfill our company’s specifications (OEM) before we sell them to the end customers. We can also do (and have also done) ODM lighting manufacturing services for our customers by adjusting our products to their requirements.

In ODM services, our highly experienced R&D team will work together with customers to discuss the best designs and specifications that meet their budgets. Then, the engineer teams will pick on the most compatible LED drivers, chips, and other equipment.

From there, our engineers assemble and treat the products that our customers have requested. Then, we will make necessary adjustments, like configuring the electricity, before we hand the products to the shipping department.

Confidence in the delivery times

As a LED bulb supplier, we’ve partnered with many big names in the product delivery industry, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. We’ve shipped all around China and some parts of the world since more than 30 years ago.

Right now, we can ship our products through sea, air, or land. We also provide express delivery times if you can’t wait to try our products.

We’ve set the delivery time’s waiting limit to seven days if you’re thinking of sample bulb orders from us. We usually consider one or two individual orders as sample orders. On the other side, the delivery time range is 35-45 days if you’re placing bulk orders from us

There, you can see our delivery times are convenient to understand. Hence, this part also becomes the reason why you should choose us as your best lighting manufacturer in China.

How do you produce your extensive LED light collections?

The primary thing that our teams always remember in conducting our jobs is to allocate several hours of quality assurance before delivering the products. As the growing LED light bulb manufacturer with stringent quality commitment, we don’t stop in having well-trained quality assurance teams.

We are also transparent about the ways we produce our extensive lamp collections. We don’t stop in showing the ways we make our lighting products from China in expos and shopping malls all around China.

Instead, we are willing to let you know the ways we produce and control our production lines. Such things also include our processes in conducting our roles as a LED light fixtures manufacturer.

Our quality-checking processes include four major criteria. These criteria involve inspecting for incoming materials, controlling the production processes, aging testing, and some pen-ultimate quality control steps. We will discuss these criteria further in the next few sections.

The production control processes in assembling

As one of the LED bulb manufacturers, we have our processes and abide by our standard operating procedures when we assemble our products. Fabricating semiconductor wafers is the first step we undertake in producing the lamps’ lights.

The fabricating step is for deciding the lamp’s colors based on their material compositions. In this initial step, we also remove dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles from our LED anatomies, which further guarantee the colors’ results.

Also in the initial fabricating step, we measure the crystal layers using measurements that are unique to our standard operating procedures. The more measurement sizes the layers have, the more efficient and colorful the products will be.

The design step comes after we’ve decided how will our LED look like and removed the unwanted particles. We continue to fit in other lighting-related materials in our lighting semiconductors, such as the contact metals that we need to ensure compatibility with the semiconductor wafers.

At the end of the design step, our lamp’s diode sizes will be compatible because of the compatible-sized contact metals and other components in our lamp. As a result, the diode and the wires will match when we suspend them in a mold.

The next step we conduct in producing our lamps, in general, would be assembling, mounting, and sealing the components according to the national and in-company standard operating procedure.

For instance, when we assemble track light products, we make sure the trail rails fit the standard lengths and other dimensions. In doing so, we don’t only place our focus on placing the light bulbs with their diode, wires, semiconductors, and other components, at the correct angles.

As a LED light fixtures manufacturer, we do similar things to our other products, such as spotlights and downlights. The difference lies in the trail rails: We don’t have to install or adjust the trail rails since these two products don’t have the trail rails like track lights.

The whole quality control process in our LED products

In general, we don’t only control the LED light production processes (even though we recognize the importance of adhering to the national, company, and our customers’ standards). We also pay attention to the step-by-step quality control execution processes.

In DGT Lighting, quality control is yet another important aspect of producing our award-winning lightings, light bulbs, and fixtures. Some people may think that the quality control (or quality assurance) step comes after we take control of the production processes. Even though it is true, this quality control step also comes before the production control step.


When you see our product’s specifications on our official website, you’ll find information on the voltage powers, how many light bulbs per set package, what are the IP certifications, and so on. We include these elements in our strict quality assurance step-by-step measures.

Additionally, we also allocate some seconds to turn on and off the light bulbs to see if there are any problems with the light, such as black-outs, and malfunctions, and if there are any collapsible parts that become the problems. We refer to such testing parts as the functional, durability, and fatigue tests.

Our award-winning quality control systems don’t stop in those three testing steps. We also use additional tools to test our lamps’ quality, including a spectroradiometer for conducting tests on the light’s brightness, color, and efficiency rates, and some other tools for conducting leak tests for the IP certifications.

We conduct the entire testing steps in our advanced laboratory. In our lighting manufacturing laboratory, we also dedicate some spaces for testing the electromagnetic compliance (EMC) of our created lamps.

Inspections for incoming materials

The critical anatomies of any LED light product consist of the LED’s engine (called PCB), power supplies (particularly the DC/AC parts in the LED lights), frames, and diffuser plates.

The first two relate to the electricity and the relationships with other connected devices, while the last two are for adjusting the LED’s lighting angles.

These components should go to our testing facilities before they undergo other processes, including the final delivery processes. When these four critical components pass, we proceed into inspecting other components like the batteries, chips, drivers, the lamps’ colors, the light bulbs, and others.

Performing aging testing for our LED products

Essentially, the aging testing step is a step to ensure our LED light products meet our national requirements or our customer requirement.

We believe, that the more meticulous the aging testing step, the more likely we reduce the possibility of any improper operations of our lamp products. As a result, our products become LED products with high-efficiency rates.

We use the power supply components that have passed the initial inspection steps as our testing tools.

We also make sure that the environments for the aging testing step fulfill the universal temperature and humidity criteria, which are between 20-35 degrees Celcius and 55-95% humidity, respectively. We check our LED products for their shelf lives and aging records before we test them.

Each LED product will have to undergo 4-8 hours of aging testing. Such durations include 20 seconds of turning on and off several times to test if there are any infrequent flashings, color casts, or black-out lights. These entire testing phases are also included in our quality assurance department’s records.

In DGT Lighting, we recognize the importance of the aging testing step of the LED light bulbs in China. We immediately take actions (such as removing and replacing the on-process LEDs) for every LED that doesn’t pass any of our quality check steps, including the aging testing phases.

How to order lamps from China?

China is one of the world’s leading traders and wholesalers of environmentally friendly lamp products. All lighting products from China are extremely flexible that we can install them inside and outside our rooms, and can accommodate residential and office uses.

China’s massive OEM and ODM services also make it easy for people around the world to order lamps from China. Moreover, China is also the country where some of the largest lighting expos, like the yearly Guangzhou International Lighting Expo and China (Guzhen) International Light Fair, are conducted.

You can meet up with the industry specialists in such expos to discuss your lighting requirements and look at the catalogs. At some points, you can even get special prices and promotions when you meet specific order requirements.

For your information, we’ve participated in at least three different large-sized expos and festivals on lighting products in the past five years. We will let you know once we opened up our booths at any of those expos.

As we’ve collaborated with many major players in the lighting industry, our lamps are also available in many lighting shopping malls all around China. You can apply your promotional coupons to get special prices.

In addition, we also provide the Contact Us platform on our official website. There, our Sales Department will be in contact with you through e-mails or phone numbers to clarify and confirm your order. 

After our Sales Department record your orders, they will forward the orders to the R&D Department. The R&D Department will make drafts and designs that meet either our specifications (if you’re ordering OEM products or directly through our catalog) or your specifications.

Next, the Engineer Department will do the technical jobs related to the drafts and designs that the R&D Department has rendered. Your lamps, fixtures, and other equipment will have to go through the Quality Assurance Department’s checkings before we ship them to your destinations.

Until now, we’ve delivered our authentic lighting and other additional equipment to our customers in more than 30 countries. We also provide after-sales services, such as replacing the light bulbs or the fixtures, when you need us to.

How do I import LED lights from China?

Our light bulbs, drivers, chips, and other components or equipment have gone through strict quality assurance steps (see the sub-parts that explain how we conduct our quality assurance steps above) that most of our customers feel not enough in only placing some couples of sample orders.

Since most of our purchase and sales orders come in bulk forms, you may wish to ask us, “How do I import LED lights from China?”, like the LED light importers who collaborate with us.

Generally, the processes for LED light importers are similar to the purchasing steps (particularly, from our company). You have to fill out order forms, confirm your order purchases, attend the expo to maintain relationships with suppliers, and the steps can go on.

However, the research steps are more intensive since you need to allocate some time to Google the right suppliers.

You may even open up to attend overseas lighting expos and find the Chinese light manufacturers that can create light bulbs that satisfy your criteria there. At some points, you may even wish to hire professional auditing services to save your time in auditing the company’s factory.

At some points, we open up some areas in our production facilities for the public to see. All you need to do is to fill out the form and make an appointment with us.


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