top tips on using flexible track lighting systems

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-03
Flexible track lighting is the most versatile and customizable way to illuminate a room or display compared to rigid, Pendulum, or joint segmented track lighting.
It can sway over the cathedral.
The ceiling is high and there is a large area on the bare wall, hanging loosely from the raf and beams.
You can bend and re
Bend the track, connect the swing arm or adjustable lighting unit to the track to meet your specific design needs.
More importantly, these tracks are easy to install and friendly-priced.
Use flexible track lighting to add depth in small, crowded, low places to get to tricky places and awkward corners
Ceiling, monochrome or any other room.
You can bend the track into a spiral, S shape, wave, or sound wave to extend to areas where the rigid track cannot extend.
You can mix and match incandescent lamps, energy-
Efficient and halogen lamps that provide environment or functionality.
Buy a flexible track system to enhance the drama of building details such as Art Deco©Complex works of art such as sculpture, mixed media and installation art.
Replenish your internal palette in a range of rail finishes (such as brass, bronze, chrome and steel), as well as lighting tones such as amber, Emerald, Frosted, warm or cool white. Select from pre-
Assemble the system or do-it-
You can easily connect or plug into your own kit for power outlets.
Well-known brands like Halo, light tollytespan, Juno, WAC, Hampton Bay, ProTrack and Elco will have a full status-of-the-
Artistic flexible track lighting system, or you can purchase track components such as track heads and connectors separately.
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