types of led lights - do you know which one to use?

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-22
There are usually three types of LED based on customization and user application;
Small LED, high power LED and application-based LED.
Mini LED light is very small size, mainly for manual
Handheld devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants.
High-power LED lights are generally used in industry.
These materials are used in scientific research, engineering and mechanical fields.
The name LED is self-explanatory;
Performance improvement!
Application-based LED lights are ideal examples of customization.
Since the LED technology can have different sizes, the shape and performance can be tempered;
LED for multiple industries.
All of these LED lights are called application-based LEDs.
The mini LED is small in size and has a single color and shape in general.
There are designs on the board that are suitable for use, they do not mention heating control or any cooling device.
The micro-lamp provides lighting products in a narrow range of ratings.
These products are used in complex or technology-intensive automation industries.
High-power lamps are usually customized according to industrial or scientific research needs.
These all need to design a heat dissipation device, otherwise the high-power LED will always \"stop using \";
You turned it off soon.
Of course, the heat in the optical transmission area will affect the wavelength of the LED light, but the device needs to remain cooled.
The high-power LED is equipped with a heat sink, which can provide several times the rated power higher than the mini-lamp.
The third category of LED types includes application-based LED lights.
These are in a broad sense.
Categories are flashing, doublecolor, Three-color, Red-Green-
Blue and letter numbers.
The flashing LED works just like the indicator of the vehicle. Bi-Color and three
The color LED provides two to three colors from a single device.
These are often used in decorative purposes.
You need to guide the lighting according to the supply you provide! Red-Green-
Blue is a coloring scheme applied to some LED lighting systems, these red-Green-
Blue LED shines in red-Green-Blue scale. Generally Red-Green-
Blue represents red, green and blue.
Four lines are needed to be red-Green-
Blue output of LED lights.
The setting of the alphanumeric LED is much more complicated than any other LED light.
This requires advanced technical understanding.
All in all, these are some types of LED lights.
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