underwater lights for your new swimming pool and spa

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-31
The underwater lights of the pool and spa are more than just plain white lights.Here are some ideas and ideas for different styles of lighting that can be used by your newly built or renovated pool and spa.The decision to build a new pool or spa has been made and you have decided many different options.What type and style of downlight are you going to install?Until a few years ago, the only option about underwater lights was how bright I wanted my lights to be and how much I needed.If you are currently planning to build a new pool, think about having a lot of different lights to use.Today\'s lighting includes simple white light (standard incandescent lamp and quartz halogen lamp) with plastic color lens, Chameleon lamp (internal rotating color wheel) LED automatic chameleon lamp, fiber optic pool and spa lamp.Which style or type of lamp is the best to use?Standard incandescent lamps and quartz halogen lamps are the most cost-effective and can give clear white light.This type and style of lamp is available in the power range of 100 W to 500 W.According to the code, many construction departments need 12 V lamps and Transformers, and if so, 12 V has 100 W and 300 W lamps.High-power cell lamps such as 400 W and 500 W are provided at a voltage of 120 V and may not be permitted by local regulations.Please consult with local regulations and building officials for lighting requirements that will be accepted.These lamps usually have plastic color lenses that can be captured on the head of the glass mirror to produce good underwater effects.You can also use fiber optic lighting to illuminate the pool or spa.These units have a small wall fitting (usually about 2 \\ \"round) that is connected with a fiber optic cable.Most swimming pools require multiple fiber light to provide adequate lighting.The fiber optic cable runs back to the power generation box away from the pool or spa.The light in the box sends a beam of light through the fiber to the end of the bundle located inside the swimming pool or spa.A fiber light box usually operates many wall fittings, however, it will depend on the total amount of fiber chains that the light box will operate.The chameleon is probably the most exciting project in the swimming pool and spa in the past few years.The lamp is available and it has a color wheel controlled by a small circuit board.There are many new color change lights in the LED now.LED lights do not have moving parts, providing many different light displays for your use.Typically, these lights are controlled by turning off and turning on the lights to locate the light pattern or \"display\" you want \".View your options and select the best light package for the new pool.In many cases, the lighting will turn an ordinary pool into a spectacular backyard oasis.
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