warm white led light bulbs - which are the best?

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-22
For many common home lighting applications, people prefer warm white light.
Warm white incandescent lamps are available almost anywhere, but if you want to save power and money with a new LED bulb, it\'s a bit complicated to pick a warm white LED bulb.
This article provides some suggestions and suggestions on selecting the most warm white LED bulbs.
When we describe the light as warm white, we mean the color temperature of it.
Technically speaking, the concept of color temperature is based on the relationship between the temperature and radiation emitted by the theoretically standardized material (a so-
Black body radiator)
It is cooled to a state where all molecular movements stop.
So, simply put, the color temperature is used to define the measurement of the color of the light emitted by the bulb.
We usually consider the color temperature from the white or warmth of the light source: \"warm white\" = 3000 Kelvin;
[Neutral White] = 3500 Kelvin;
\"Cool White\" = 4100 Kelvin, \"daylight white\" = more than 5000 Kelvin.
The color temperature range of LED bulbs is very wide, however, it is more expensive to produce warm white LED bulbs similar to the light of traditional incandescent lamps, because more or brighter LED is needed in the bulbs.
Since cold white is the natural color of the LED light, it is brighter, and chips that emit warm white light require a phosphorus \"filter\" to \"warm\" the color temperature, thus reducing the brightness of the chip.
Therefore, the warm white LED bulb is an LED bulb with a color temperature of about 3000 K, which will produce a warm light similar to the ordinary household incandescent lamp we usually expect.
Nowadays, more and more LED bulbs are on the market as warm white bulbs.
What is the best?
Below, we discuss a few of the best options for replacing a normal home bulb. C.
Crane describes its warm white GeoBulb as replacing the bulb directly using the first 60 watts less than 8 watts.
One thing we like about GeoBulb is that it is the same size as a traditional incandescent lamp;
Therefore, it is suitable for direct replacement of any Indoor Open fixture.
In addition, this is one of the few bulbs that we have encountered when manufacturers release independent lumen test data, so you can be confident that it will actually produce as much light as the manufacturer claims --
Sadly, this is not something to say for many bulbs. This is a well-
Products that have been widely praised by customers.
GeoBulb is a good ecology.
Friendly alternative to standard aline (or A-type or A-shape -
This is a model of ordinary household incandescent lamps)light bulb.
Like ordinary household bulbs, it also has a standard (
Often called in)E26 base.
A lot of people are looking for a dimmable warm white PAR38 LED bulb today.
As you may know, most LED bulbs do not work with standard dimmers or with those lamps with electric eyes that are automatically turned on at dusk or when motion is detected.
This is because LEDs need constant current to work.
If the standard dimming method is adopted, the LED bulb flashes regularly, or worse, it doesn\'t work at all.
In order to dim the LED lights, 0-
In order to \"cheat\" the LED to emit less light, a 10v dimming module is required.
In theory, all LED lights can be dimmable through this module.
The bulb below is a special dimmable LED bulb when you want to replace a standard PAR38 bulb where you have a dimmer or a motion detector on the outside, this is a good choice.
We found that LEDinsider had a good set of Wells-
Manufacturing bulbs and excellent customer service, selling a fully dimmable 100 W warm white PAR38 replacement bulb with a standard base.
This warm white LED bulb generates 553 lumens and consumes only 11 watts of power.
LEDinsider suggests that it can be used to replace 100-
120 W incandescent/halogen lamp, although you can only have 4-
3/4 in diameter \"will fit properly.
According to customers, they are using light bulbs as outdoor floodlights.
There are more and more warm white LED bulbs on the market based on your specific lighting needs, so we encourage you to check out all available LED bulbs and keep a close eye on product details and customer reviews.
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