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by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-16
From the point of view of the building, the underside of any outstanding structure is a cable.Outdoors, this can be an area where the roof stands out or under the deck.Indoors, soffit usually refers to the falling ceiling on the edge of the room, but it can also refer to the area between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, even if it is not lowered.Soffit lighting refers to any lighting placed in these areas.
Soffit lighting can be either direct or indirect.Direct Lighting refers to light that is focused on an area or object, so track lighting installed under indoor soffit or safety lighting installed under outdoor soffit is considered directEmbedded Lighting is also a popular form of direct lighting for soffits, as it fits inside soffit, but illuminates useful areas.
Some designers also believe that the lighting equipment installed under the cabinet is soffit lighting equipment.If it is used to illuminate the working surface of the table top, this can be direct, if it is low, it can be indirectHorizontal ambient lighting is not enough light to work as a countertop.Other indirect lighting includes the space unit between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, whether it is faint ambient light or general lighting that bounces out of the ceiling.
Soffit lighting, due to the ability to hide lighting equipment and generate ambient light, is often used as an indoor emotional lighting to create a luxurious, fun or romantic atmosphere, depending on the brightness and color of the light.
Outdoor soffit lighting can be used to enhance the architectural features of the night, or to ensure safety by illuminating the dark areas so that visitors do not stumble.Motion-The activated outdoor soffit lighting can play a role of anti-theft.
To prevent the wires from being seen, soffit light wiring on the top floor often goes through the attic.However, after-Construction cables built purely for lighting design purposes, the lines are usually within the cables.This may simplify the wiring process and be cheaper than installing lights with wiring that must operate inside the walls.
Under-The cabinet soffit light line can be extended to the power supply along the rear edge of the cabinet or drilled to allow the line to be hidden inside the cabinet.Many companies also offer batteries.powered under-Cabinet lighting that reduces the difficulty of installation.
If your home does not have a sofa and you want to install sofa lighting, they can be added in the form of a falling ceiling part or a \"inverted tray\" ceiling outside the room, it adds a falling panel to the center part of the ceiling or all the rooms.
Simple rope lighting can be placed around the falling \"tray\" to produce glow on the edge of the tray.The small drop tray in the kitchen area can be twice as large as the pot holder.
Soffit lighting is not just for families and businesses.The lighting above the road is suspended on the overpass or embedded in the outstanding part of the overpass or building, and it is also a very good lighting.However, national regulations limit the type of soffit lighting instruments that can be used.Only high in CaliforniaPressure sodium lamps of 70 or 100 Watts can be used.
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