What properties are needed in architecture lighting raw materials?
A finest-quality architecture lighting can not be produced without carefully-chosen raw materials. Different raw materials determine different properties. Varied materials are used for the creation of varied types. Due to distinct performance demanded, diverse raw materials are also required. A great and unique raw materials selection also determines an excellent and unique product.

In China, the quality of led downlight produced by Wenzhou DGT Lighting Co., Ltd is at the leading level. DGT Lighting's LED lighting series are created based on unremitting efforts. The security level of DGT Lightingmr16 lamp fitting meets relevant standards. It has passed the CCC, CQC, and TELEC testing for approved low voltage detector (LVD), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and radiofrequency (RF). The product can achieve the function of energy saving and environmental protection. The product features water resistance. It has been treated with water-repellent technology to the weather changes such as a rainy day. It generates less heat, which saves money on the energy bill.

We always keep in mind technological innovations to achieve the long-term development of mr16 led. Check it!
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