where, why and how to use intelligent lighting solutions

by:DGT Lighting     2020-03-01
This is your favorite restaurant.So is your favorite nightclub and spa...I\'m talking about dimming the lights when you\'re in the mood to do so.Soft lighting can ease the tension...This is your favorite restaurant.So is your favorite nightclub and spa...I\'m talking about dimming the lights when you\'re in the mood to do so.Soft lighting can ease the tension of a busy day, something else can\'t be done.All of this can be achieved with an intelligent lighting solution with lighting control and design.Earlier you may have to install the lines and lines of the dimmer and switch.Today, however, you really don\'t have to worry about all this.You can get the required lighting level by simply installing the lighting control system.If you choose to install smart lighting solutions at home, you can get rid of traditional light switches or at least simplify them.You can control a whole set of lights with a small keyboard with buttons.The lights to be controlled may be located in the same room or scattered throughout the house.Using the keyboard, the same soft lighting effect needs to be adjusted in halfNow you can create a dozen dimmer switches with just one click.This single-Button action is the basic premise of the lighting control system, which can control the lighting of each main room of the house.Many newer lighting control systems can also allow users to control all lighting and lighting scenarios via a smartphone or tablet app.Lighting control and design can be enabled in different rooms in the home.For example, it can be installed in the media room, where the control system will turn off the lights in order to prepare the movie.In the foyer, the control system can command the lights of the entire house and backyard to illuminate the passage from the front door to the bedroom upstairs.Some lighting control applications are very effective in home theaters, while others have a greater impact in large rooms and master suites.Here are some details about smart lighting solutions for different rooms in the home.1) multi-purpose family room: Multi-Purpose family room may be the best room for lighting control system.For example, you may want the lights to dim while watching a movie, but you may want the lights to be brighter during a weekend football match or a cartoon.You may also want to entertain friends or read books in this room.The smart lighting solution for this room can include multiple scene settings to suit all different uses.You can use the keyboard or smartphone app to select the desired scene and you can control all the lights and electric curtains so that they are automatically adjusted to the appropriate level.2) Master bedroom: For the most relaxing time of the day, you should equip your master bedroom with a lighting control system.The bedroom is where you start and end the day, making it the ideal room to control all the lights in the house.To do this, you should use a system that can send commands to any and all light switches from the master bedroom keyboard or app.You can even program your lights to turn on automatically and slowly every morning at the set time to help you meet the day.3) Home Theater: The smart lighting solution can reproduce the atmosphere of a commercial cinema by just pressing a button.Almost every manufacturer of lighting control systems offers a solution suitable for a dedicated home theater room.The home automation system, which integrates lighting control, can not only dim the lights of the home theater, but also control audio and video components.4) main bathroom: The main bathroom is the only place where you can get uninterrupted, quality peace and quiet in your home.Turning the lights on low, not ordinary bright lights, is the perfect antidote to overworked body and mind.A single-The scene lighting control system can turn off the main light of this room, and the keyboard of the system can work like a normal dimmer switch for the rest of the time.5) Home Office: your home office offers the ideal location to transition from work mode to home mode.You can also install a dimmable lighting control system in your home office.You can use the keyboard to select one of several preset lighting scenes to match the lighting to your activity.For example, the dim lights on the top of the head and several soft desk lamps can create an atmosphere that is very suitable for listening to music.Bright light may inspire you to do some paperwork.You can choose from a variety of lighting scenarios in this room to match the various tasks you have completed in your home office.So these are some different ways you can use smart lighting solutions in the main room and in the living and working areas of your home.Once you get used to the right lighting controls and designs, you\'ll want to know how you manage without it.Smart lighting is here...always!
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