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by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-02

Contemporary restaurant lighting

Nowadays, all new restaurants are being built to have a unique identity. The owners strive to incorporate the difference by careful selection of aspects like architecture, decor, furniture and flooring, keeping in mind the cuisines that would be served at the restaurant. Consequently, a hefty amount is spent in the beginning on interior decoration and selection of complementing lighting fixtures to suit every nook and corner of the restaurant. Not only arrangement of restaurant lighting in a creative manner assures to enhance the ambiance of the restaurant manifolds, but also improves the appearance of food being served in the restaurant. Not to mention, good looking food looks enticingly delicious, which is good for the business.

Besides choosing the nature and type of modern outdoor lighting fixtures, you must also choose the intensity of light wisely, since it is vital to set the mood actually rolling. Aspects that must be kept in mind while deciding the intensity of light (i.e. The brightness of the light) include color of the walls, flooring and ceiling, arrangement of furniture, carpets, height of the ceiling from the floor, color of tiling and so on. Nowadays, most lighting fixtures come with a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch allows you to regulate the degree of illumination/ brightness of the bulb in the light fixture. In fact, it is quite fashionable nowadays to use lights with dimmer switches for modern outdoor lighting. Dim lights along the track and recesses create an idyllic mystical environment. Dimmer lights are also often placed under glass table tops and corners of the room for the perfect diffused lighting effect. Such light effects make the dining experience all the more cherished for the families and couples.

Kitchen lighting

You must not get carried away when using too dim or tinted lights around the restaurant. Kitchen door, for example, should be strategically placed when using dim light. The kitchen should be installed with overhead best kitchen lighting fixtures using iridescent blue bulbs that offer proper bright light minus too much heat.

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