why voltage drop occurs in led lighting strips

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-26
Voltage drop is a common phenomenon in all types of electrical equipment.When it happens inside the LED lighting strip, it is completely visible as the color begins to fade towards the end of the strip.This article explains the reasons and remedies for it.Voltage drop or \"voltage drop\" occurs in all types of electrical installations.When a larger power cord is installed, more complex calculations must be made to solve this problem.However, there are some simple guidelines to follow when it comes to LED lighting stripes.When the LED is placed in a toofar position far away from the power supply, or try a longer separate operation (or line), the voltage drop in the LED strip occurs.This is because there is not enough power or current to reach the LEDs because it still has a long way to go.This will cause the voltage to drop at the end of the operation.The voltage drops by about 0.6 v per meter, 24 v more obvious.When 12 v band is used, 2-A 3 v drop on 5 metrerun will reduce the voltage by 25%, followed by a similar percentage reduction in lumens (brightness.Voltage drop can be compared with people climbing the mountain, the higher the altitude, the less oxygen, the less people breathing.The led at the beginning of the line will appear bright at 100% output, but the led at the end of the line will begin to fade.The brightness will decrease exponentially;The farther it is from the power supply.If a long distance is tried incorrectly and permanent damage is caused to the LEDs, the light output may be reduced to 0%.The voltage drop in a single color strip is obvious, especially in a shorter length.When you turn the color into white, the color change Bar is more obvious.If there is not enough voltage at the end of the strip, clear white will turn the end of the strip into pink.This is because white is made of a mixture of red, green and blue (RGB.However, thered needs less voltage compared to green and blue.Green and Blue don\'t get enough voltage when the belt is far from the power supply, it becomes weaker, and red becomes more prominent and becomes pink.The higher the wattage of the LED light strip, the shorter the operation should be.For example;30 LED (7.2 W) can run up to 10 m per meter compared to 60 LEDs (14.4 W) stripes per meter can have a maximum stroke of 5 m.It doesn\'t mean you can\'t install the LED light strip for longer periods of time, it just means you need to take a different approach.Because the color change bar needs to be controlled from one controller, the single color change Bar and the color change bar (called RGB) bar are different.Using a power supply with a higher rated power does not solve the problem, because the current still has to pass through a long string of LEDs and resistors, each consuming a small amount of power.According to the version of Article I, the monochrome strip should be directly connected to a power supply of 5 m 10 m long.e.Use 30 or 60 LEDs.Each run will be powered directly from the power supply and can be turned on or off by switching or unplugging the switch from the power supply.The power supply is usually connected to the light switch, but can be controlled by various types of controllers.These bars can then be positioned arbitrarily in a long line or rectangle.Once the stripes are adjacent to each other, the light will be as seamless as the fluorescent tube.As long as the power supply is rated properly, the operating length can exceed 100.There will be a slight voltage drop in the connected power cord, but since there is no drain current such as LEDs or resistors, the voltage drop will be very obvious.It is possible to reach a further distance using thicker cables.For longer color-changing strips, you will need to install the amplifier every 5 or 10 m.The amplifier allows the band to be powered indirectly from the power supply, but also allows the signal emitted by the controller to run through the entire belt.For example, when you turn the color into red, everything becomes red at the same time.The amplifier is powered by the band and the power supply is powered by the amplifier.Amplierscan can even power from their own independent power supply, and on the same line you can have as many power supplies as you want.The power supply can be placed closer to the connection of the LED light strip or in the most accessible place.For longer, more complex operations, we can provide our customers with wiring diagrams that are easy to follow on their own.The diagram shows how the power supply, belt and cable are connected together.As part of the LED strip Fit brand, the LED light strip can provide the exact length required;Everything except the larger hard-wired power supply can be plugged into each power supply without the need for tools or electrical knowledge.
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