Wiring Help for Track Lighting Fixtures

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-17
Track lighting is a great way to add extra light to any room and place it where it is most needed.Installing rail lighting is one of the few electrical projects that the homeowner can do, and as long as he or she is connected to an already existing lighting circuit, there is no need to increase the cost of a wiring permit.There are two basic types of rail lighting: line voltage and low voltageVoltage Design.There are many different configurations for the track: Straight, tee and arc to suit any design you may want to create.The first thing you should care about is safety.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the lighting branch that will be connected and use the contactless voltage tester to double check if the circuit breaker is off.In most cases, you will remove the existing lighting equipment from the lighting outlet box where the wires of the rail lighting equipment are locatedTo install the in connector.The only tool you need in most cases is Walkthrough-A drive with a cross screwdriver drill bit, a drill that matches the size of the toggle anchor or plastic anchor you are using, and a pair of scissors/stripping pins.The difference between low-Voltage fixture and line-The voltage fixture is lowStep-by-step voltage fixing deviceThe lower transformer reduces the 120 V voltage to the 12, 18 or 24 V voltage used by the bulb.In the low caseVoltage System, the transformer is incorporated into the wire of the fixturein connector.No matter what kind of system, wireIn the connector, the white wire is connected to the White neutral line of the branch circuit, the black wire is connected to the black switch leg line, and the bare ground wire is connected to the bare ground wire of the branch circuit.How about cover and wire-In practice, the connectors installed on the illuminated outlet box may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so please follow the instructions that come with the rail lighting kit.Track lighting the track part is simply captured together and captured on the wire-In the rail contacts of the connector.Rails are mounted on the ceiling using toggle bolts or plastic anchors and screws-subject to the type of ceiling finish that suits your use.Again, follow the instructions that come with lightkit.Better quality kit even comes with the required anchors.Once the track is in place, it is done by installing the lamp holder.In most cases, the lamp holder pushes up on the track and then rotates clockwise to make sure the lamp holder is in place.Other methods can be used, so check the instructions attached to the lamp holder.
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