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by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-01
Cable lighting systems can sometimes confuse many people.
It\'s just that its design can put some to the tail plate.
The reason for all the confusion is that there are too many choices.
This type of lighting has almost invisible parallel cables, which creates the illusion that the lights float in the space alone.
Great for high ceilings, especially in rooms such as large rooms and attic areas --
Basically, in areas that are hard to illuminate.
The actual cables can be installed at any height and have special brackets that can be turned to fit in any position.
Cable lighting systems have recently become more and more popular as they can be installed in the most challenging places.
Also because they are fashionable in style.
A common misconception, however, is that they are the same as standard track lighting or monorail lighting.
Familiarity with terminology you should be familiar with some terminology before you start thinking about this type of project, because at least that way you can make an informed decision to set this limit to do-it-
Project yourself or not.
The main wire used in the cable lighting system is called the Kefla fiber, which is enhanced, tinplated 10-gauge cable.
Now, usually the cable wire is bare, but you can keep it insulated so that when it goes through the wall, you\'ll be fine if it happens to run into something that shouldn\'t come across.
You need to know the term turnbuckles for this project because they have several purposes: they connect the cables to the wall or ceiling mounting point, and they also expand and shrink with a slight steering movement, in order to release the running pressure of the cable, they can also be used as a power source for the system by conveying power through the installation wall to the system itself.
The cable will be connected to the wall mount using a transformer and connector;
However, they are similar to Rotary buckles.
Surface-mounted transformers are more popular than remote Transformers because they are easy to install during renovation.
The isolation connector connects two cables of length while interrupting the current flow between them.
These connectors make it possible for long cable wires to work with independent power outlets.
The vertical bracket should be used on cable lines that exceed 20 feet m or if it will support heavy objects.
Finally, turn the kit used to manipulate the lighting direction of the cable.
These kits are only available for systems suspended below the ceiling of 2 feet or less.
A very versatile option to make this way of lighting so diverse is that they can run almost anywhere: even between the two walls, on the stairs, on the ceiling, and even on the side.
In addition, the fixtures of the cable lighting system can be bought very small due to the size of the bulb.
There are indeed a variety of fixtures to choose from here, which is also very interesting.
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